Mobile Meter Reading (MMR)


Mobile Meter Reading Solution is designed for ease of recording and calculating the cost of consumption of Electric, Water and Gas. Our application very usefull for requirement in apartement, housing, enterprises level to managing of natural resources are consumed.

Manage the recording of meter data more effective :

Is more an accurate and secure in record keeping meters, so the data generated according to with the actual amount of usage at the customer site.

Reduced errors in record keeping meter data automatically be with a validation of sytem among others by the customer ID, the average usage in each monthly, increases and reduction of usage plus or minus 30% and damage meters.

With the an integrated applications between of mobile applications with back end meter reading system it will be achievable :

1. Up to date data

2. Accuracy of data

3. Paper less

4. Deviation data more quickly identified.

5. Handling customer komplaint faster.

6. Routing PDA / Settings Location

With the of routing facilities PDA / settings on the location of the process of recording in the field more regularly and appropriate because it was in the settings the systems according to the area of officers who recorded. 

Mobile Meter Reading Solution 

  • Multi level authorization (User acces by module, menu and function)
  • Web Based and mobile application Supports
  • Integrated Barcode Reader
  • Integrated Label printer
  • Screenshot data meter with spesific parameter.
  • Utilize everywhere and everytime activity with Printer portable.
  • Supports report by weekly, monthly, yearly with
  • Format Text File, XML,PDF etc.
  • Master Data
  • Report Transaction  

Meter Reading Activity Routine 

  • Master Customer
  • Master Operator
  • Master Officer Routing
  • Master Location
  • Master Category
  • Master group
  • Master Class
  • Master Billing
  • Master Meter
  • Txrecord
    • Record Meter Electric
    • Record Meter Water 
    • Record Meter Gas
  • Enquiry Data
    • Enquiry Outstanding Electric
    • Enquiry Outstanding Water
    • Enquiry Outstanding Gas
  • Report
    • Record meter electric, water and gas
    • Outstanding electric, water and gas
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