What is Cybersecurity and Firewall?

JAKARTA, ACS GROUP – Malware, ransomware, WannaCry, have you heard of this? These words often appear on the news. All this is a digital information theft that is actually easy to prevent with a few steps. All data movement is the number of bits that follow the pattern of communication such as internet protocol (OSI, TCP / IP). Some of the patterns will be repeated through various devices that we use everyday like a browser, email, etc.

Most digital threats come from applications like this. You must have received a spam email from someone who isn’t clear, clickbait offers, get emails containing attachments in a strange formats, or get pop-up ads promise prizes, right? Without frightening the consumers, technical knowledge of cybersecurity actually teaches us how to improve ourselves and the organization. Integrity is not enough to protect an enterprise-sized networking network.

“The old paradigm that threats are centered on financial institutions has been broken down by the” WannaCry “ransomware attack, which unforgivingly infects multiple sectors of the organization, proving the need for network security technology solutions across all organizational segments, both small, medium and large organizations big.” said Dasa Aprily Ardy, Technology Development Supervisor, ACS Group.

Here comes the solution of a digital system called enterprise firewall that comes in the form of a network device box (hardware) or virtual cloud applications (VMs) with the advanced rules of intrustion and threat protection. Equipped with sophisticated data processing system (software) rules to be placed in the server room (data center) precisely between the internal network (LAN) and outside (WAN). Lastly, hackers are also human. They can’t do more than what we can also anticipate. Partner with ACS Group to implement the world-class firewall solutions to protect your enterprise network.

Tonton product review Fortinet 200D oleh tim ACS Group!

[Link Youtube : Product Review Fortigate 200D Firewall]

Written by: ACS Group Marketing (nicky@acsgroup.co.id)

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