The Importance of RFID Design

JAKARTA, ACS GROUP – Designing an RFID system is a challenge that tackle everyday. But the benefit is so effective that we want you to know more. RFID is similar to the near-field communication (NFC) system used in identity cards. What seperates RFID from NFC is that anRFID has a higher frequency and a further read-range. How far? Depending on the power and items required. An RFID system can work from close range (3-7 meters) to a longer range (10-25 + meters). Usually we play in the 3-7 meters area because it uses passive tags without any batteries (and extra investment).

“The RFID system is not always the same in every customer, we must see the field conditions and select the optimal mounting place” said Jemis Pangaribuan, Manager of Enterprise Information Technology ACS Group.

This is where the importance of RFID system design kicks in. Its not only the price of the device, but you need proper integration by experienced engineers. We have installed RFID systems in various industries. One is the automotive industry, for automatic pallet tracking in the loading area. This automobile spare-part manufacturer uses a closed-loop pallet system where each pallet sent to the customer must return to the company. With RFID sensors, our customers can count each pallet in real-time, using a gate RFID system.

We are testing the RFID system in Forklifts for manufacturers of industrial raw materials (see Video below). Because the weight of industrial materials requires the help of machines, our customers use Forklifts every day. To save time, we install RFID readers in each mouth of the Forklift so that the automatic tag scanning is carried out every time the goods are transported by the Forklift. Interesting right?

To find a suitable business process, we suggest you give us an overview of the RFID requirements you are currently thinking about. We have many lessons from other projects. Do not be afraid if the process is not finished. If the process is already running, you may need a third party who can validate the process.

If you need RFID software, we can make it with additional fee. With custom software, your business process should be ready to deliver performance that was previously unattainable. Hardware, software and topology is complete RFID system design. By completing all RFID requirements, we are one of the first and most reliable RFID suppliers in Indonesia.

[Link Youtube : Sistim RFID di Mobil Forklift]

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