Targeting Campus World In Surabaya, ACS Group Holds IT Education Industry

As the times progressed, all areas now absolutely need IT including education. Unfortunately not all related parties understand it and some even understand it but constrained funds. Responding to this, ACS Group held a Solution Day in Education Industry on Wednesday (18/7/2018) to provide the discourse of IT solutions in education followed by 44 participants from 26 high schools and universities in Surabaya and beyond.

Many schools and universities in East Java like in Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Malang, Kediri, Jember. They have students from East Java and also from outside East Java and even from eastern Indonesia who studied at various schools and universities. Schools and colleges will need IT for various activities such as Automated Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), Information and Communication Technolongy (ICT), Survival and Security System and Professional Services (Integration Service, Software Development, R & D).


The application of IT solutions is absolutely necessary along with the times and progress of the world of education. Therefore, ACS Group provides a discourse on the importance of IT solutions by cooperating with several principals such as Aruba HPE, Fortinet, Nutanix and Hikvision, which are expected to be able to answer the needs of this solution in the field of education. ACS Group itself also developed the Document Asset and Tracking System (DATS).

Aruba Networks under Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a global network solutions vendor for businesses and businesses globally. Aruba Networks has a focus on bringing Wireless LAN WiFi solutions to corporate networks. After being acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2015, Aruba Networks becomes a unit of Hewlett Packard Enterprise by bringing its solutions into both large campus and small business networks.


Fortinet is a specialist in the field of High Performance Network Security and is currently in the Magic Quadrant Leader Position at Gartner 2017 for Enterprise Firewall. At present, companies and the world of education require Network security to protect the Data Center or network at the university from hackers, malware and other attacks. Fortinet’s solutions can help ensure network security and reliability at schools and universities.

Nutanix is a cloud computing company headquartered in San Jose California and provides solutions for companies and educational institutions on a global scale. Nutanix brings a simple enterprise cloud platform to build data centers, so that IT can focus more on providing input to the core business of a company or educational institution.


Hikvision has been serving customers worldwide for CCTV camera products, speed domes, access control and alarm systems, as well as various other sophisticated surveillance and security devices. Hikvision products have successfully assisted various industries such as retail, banking and finance, transportation, education, commercial, housing and government institutions. Hikvision solutions include Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Under Vehicle Screening Sytem (undercarriage safety), Smart Analytic Camera, Central Monitoring & Central Storage System.

Document Asset and Tracking System (DATS) is a web, mobile and desktop application software designed and developed by ACS Group. This appli- cation integrates RFID and barcode technology to manage documents effectively and efficiently. DATS has a simple user-interface appearance that makes it easy to operate. It can also generate reports for library needs such as borrowing and returning books as well as statistics on the number of visits. RFID accelerates the search process of each book by scanning the RFID Tags in the book, so it can be more specific. This can also be used to verify when passing through the gate, so that any books that have been correctly verified or not are detected by the presence of alerts from the DATS system.

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