On January 31st – February 1st, 2019 ACS Group held an annual work meeting. This meeting was only attended by the top level supervisors both in Jakarta and in other ACS Group branches. This event takes place at the Best Western Plus Kemayoran Hotel – Jakarta. The ACS Group Work Meeting was opened by Stefan Looho as President Director, followed by a joint prayer so that the entire RAKER program was given fluency. And this event went well and smoothly thanks to the protection of the Almighty God.

Before the meeting took place, Arijanto Hartanto gave a presentation on “2019 ACS Corporate Direction & Strategy” which guided the results of the meetings produced in accordance with the directions presented. In this event some THE BEST PERFORMANCE 2018 were delivered and four other staff members were selected:

  1. Muhammad Abdul Muklis – Account Executive, Semarang.
  2. Nopah Hermanto – Enterprise IT Solutions – Engineer, Jakarta.
  3. Vrensly Albert Lilipory – Service Center Staff, Jakarta.
  4. Tedy – Logistics Staff, Jakarta.

Besides the Best Performance, ACS Group also gave a loyalty award as an ACS Group employee in the form of gold pins and properties to 3 staff members with a 25-year term, namely Nuning Kustiwita and Agung Atmoko. Whereas for a 15-year term, Hendi Fulmansyah.

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