Professional IT Bali 9th Anniversary Gathering

Aruba HPE as the main sponsor with ACS Group was involved in the 9th IT Bali Annual Gathering held by Bali Professional IT (PROFIT) at Harris Hotel & Residence, Jalan Pura Mertasari, Sunset Road – Kuta. The Professional IT Implementation of the Bali 9th Anniversary Gathering on February 23 will coincide with PROFIT Bali’s 9th anniversary. The celebration was attended by IT colleagues from hotels, restaurants and travel agents who discussed technology updates in the Wireless Network field as well as various other technology products related to the hospitality industry.



ACS Group itself with HPE ARUBA at the event presented the topic of updating HPE ARUBA wireless network products, products that have been widely implemented in many hotels, restaurants and other places in Bali. The hope of CEO of IT Bali, Armika Jaya, said that these products could be implemented and be useful for companies where PROFIT members work. “This is a standard. Especially in Bali, if the skill and level are even, it will automatically increase productivity and prosperity. It is clear to improve the skills of IT colleagues throughout Bali and also improve the professional level, “he said.

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