Solution Day Industry 4.0 – End to End Solution for Industrial Automation System

Going through the industrial revolution 4.0, every company wants to immediately implement industry 4.0 to be able to exist and survive in business competition. As we know that in the industrial revolution 4.0 information or data will be connected to each other through the IP base device (IoT device). For that ACS Group held a Solution Day in Manufacture solution event, Industry 4.0 theme “End to End Solution for Industrial Automation System” at the Swiss Belinn Hotel Surabaya, on March 20, 2019.

At this event ACS shared information on several products for effective solutions which benefits the industrial world including ABB for industrial automation systems. ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a leader and pioneer in the field of technology especially for electrification, robotic, industrial automation and electricity networks. ABB also has the role of serving various business partners in the utilities, renewables, mining, water, transportation, manufacture and various other industries. One of the software solutions owned by ABB is ABB Ellipse CALM [Connected Assets Life Cycle Management] consists of APM [Assets Performance Management], EAM [Enterprise Assets Management] and WFM [Workforce Management] with features and benefits including reducing downtime, improve labor productivity, integration and reporting and other benefits.




Another product solution is Zebra Technologies, which has a business front line in the fields of retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and other industries. Zebra provides end to end industry solutions that connect people, assets and data to help customers make important decisions. Whereas Nutanix is a cloud computing solution that brings a simple enterprise cloud platform to build a data center so that IT can be more focused in providing input to the core business of a company or educational institution. Aruba HPE is a large company and leader in delivering wired, wireless and security network solutions for companies and businesses globally.

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