ACS Group partnered with Principal ABB

One of ACS Group Vision is “To be a TRENDSETTER and PREFERRED Provider in Information Technology in Indonesia”. As part of ACS Group’s commitment to achieve this vision ACS Group at the end of 2018 on November 19, 2018 partnered with Principal ABB as distributor (sales, service and support) of ABB Enterprise Software products (ABB Ability Ellipse, Ellipse Select, LinkOne, MineMarket and Axis). ACS Group is appointed as an Authorized Value Partner.

Principal ABB,

  • Headquarter in Zurich-Switzerland, ABB conducts business activities in 121 countries with around 135,000 employees.
  • Has around 125 years of professional experience in the industrial area and around 35 years of experience in software innovation.
  • Has 4 global divisions, Power Grids, Electrification Products, Industrial Automation and Robotic & Motion.
  • In addition to having a diverse collection of Enterprise Software, the Industrial Automation division has a main business focus on products and solutions for instrumentation (ABB offers PLC / DCS / SCADA and industrial sensors), automation and optimization of industrial processes, also known as Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Digital data on MES can be integrated into existing ERP software, one of which is ABB Abillity Ellipse software. ABB Abillity Ellipse software (abbreviated as Ellipse software) has 4 main modules, Manage Assets and Work, Manage People (HR & Payroll), Manage Materials and Manage Finance. The Manage Assets and Work Module has another name for the Ellipse CALM (Connected Assets Lifecycle Management) Software that unite the functions of the 3 modules in it.

  • The APM module provides detailed analysis and report information on health assets and risk trends from existing assets, what is happening to assets and recommendations about what work should be done on assets in connection with a problem. The APM module obtains data from MES following a previously defined condition filter.
  • The EAM module manages Work Request with all its details and recommendations as well as Work Orders consisting the stages of the work procedure, the spare parts requirements, the qualifications needed for the experts and others.
  • The WMF module is used by field technicians to carry out inspection and maintenance work of assets through a mobile application.

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