Step A Head for Industrial Automation System

Located at Sahid Jaya Hotel Lippo Cikarang on July 10, 2019, ACS Group held Solution Day Industry 4.0 with the theme “Step A Head for Industrial Automation System”. Together with KOMITKABE (Karawang Bekasi IT Community), this event is certainly very supportive of the government’s program in conducting industrial revitalization in manufacturing to implement Industry 4.0 as a strategic step towards achieving the target of becoming the 10 countries with the largest economy in the world in 2030.

At this event ACS shared information about RFID technology solutions and their role in the supply chain management aspects, especially in manufacturing companies. Then the Roambee product as a smart supply chain solution that utilizes internet of things (IoT) technology. Smart solutions integrated into the overall system in providing a detailed picture of each process carried out (visibility), automation through the use of IoT technology (automation), as well as providing support for financial control through the concept of pay-as-you-go (on-demand). Starting from warehouse management in real-time, accurate and optimized, to the delivery of goods in a more timely manner by knowing the estimated route to be traveled, determining the departure and arrival also in real-time.




In detail Roambee’s solution was discussed in Issue 47, published last June. Another product solution is Zebra MotionWorks Asset which makes it easy to manage all important assets in your business and make business decisions with better results. With this solution the manual process and downtime can be dramatically reduced, saving money and time. The MotionWorks Material solution allows you to manage material additions and improve the efficiency of your material handling thanks to reliable accountability, measurement capabilities and communication. And at this event also presented the Nutanix solution which is a cloud computing solution that brings a simple enterprise cloud platform to build a data center so that IT can focus more on providing input to the business core of a company.

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