Case Study: Hai Tide Beach Resort

When you have to manage a resort’s IT system remotely, it pays to have the best quality hardware. Mr. Candra, the Assistant IT Manager of Hai Tide Beach Resort, knows that it is better to have a high-quality system. Hai Tide Beach Resort is an iconic, beach-front resort located in Nusa Lembongan, an island that is 30-45 minutes away by boat ride from Bali. Nusa Lembongan has many tourist attractions including world-class diving and surfing spots.

Unfortunately, the idyllic, tropical nature of the property was proving to be a challenge to its IT system. Because saltwater is corrosive, the hotel’s Access Points were being damaged. “I had to visit the resort almost three times in a week just to restart the system”, complains Mr. Candra. Thankfully, Mr. Candra attended a seminar in Bali that was hosted by ACS Group. In the event, Mr. Candra was able to voice his concern and was offered a solution that could fix his problems.


pictured: HPE Aruba IAP275; one of two IAP275’s deployed by Hai Tide Beach Resort


ACS Group was able to show Mr. Candra through a Proof-of-Concept that HPE Aruba’s IAP275, the famous rugged outdoor access point, could fix the problem and maintain a stable infrastructure. The HPE Aruba IAP275 is an access point that could withstand extreme conditions such as extreme heat and extreme cold. It can function between -25 degrees Celcius and +65 degrees Celcius. It can also serve the 802.11n protocol. “We liked the result of the demonstration so we decided to buy two APs. Now, close to 100% of the guest accommodation area receive seamless and strong connection,” comments Mr. Candra.

As a property with significant real estate, offering luxurious accommodation in 17 cottages (“lumbungs”) and 1 large private villa, ACS Group must be able to implement the solution well so that the customer, and ultimately the hotel guests, can enjoy secure and fast internet connection. Thankfully, ACS Group was able to deliver on its promise. “I enjoyed working with ACS Group because they maximized the results that Aruba Networks have to offer”. Watch Mr. Candra’s story in this video produced by ACS Group for Hai Tide Beach Resort and HPE Aruba.

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