Case Study: Double-Six

The Double-Six Luxury Hotel in the heart of Bali’s lifestyle district, Seminyak, is a legendary, globally-known brand. Known for the former club, the Double-Six Club, that had sat on the same premises for decades, the Double-Six establishment has transformed itself into a new five-star boutique hotel with 146 rooms and suites.

The modern, ultra-luxury hotel sits right in front of the most popular beach in Bali, the Double Six beach, where thousands of locals and expats enjoy the beautiful sunset each day. The Double-Six’s pool is 120 meters long and the luxurious architecture is adorned with gleaming marbles, gold accents and contemporary yet homey interior design. The hotel is also home to a 1920’s-themed opulent restaurant called The Plantation Grill. The hotel also has another restaurant, the Seminyak Italian Food, which offers views of the beach and a la carte breakfast.


(AP6511’s pictured on the left, and the RFS6000 pictured on the right)


The Double-Six Luxury Hotel is also a customer of ACS Group. To offer its guest reliable, 24/7 internet connectivity, it deploys 128 units of the high quality legacy Zebra AP6511 access point and the legacy Zebra RFS6000 mobility controller. “To provide uninterrupted engagement with and for our guests, we needed a system that would guarantee 24/7 connectivity with the WiFi network available in all guest areas.” says, Mr Sulaiman IT Manager, Double-Six Luxury Hotel.

What we mean by legacy products is that Zebra Technologies had  sold its wireless networking division to Extreme Networks back in 2016. Extreme Networks is a renowned, specialist wireless networking infrastructure manufacturing company based in the US as well.

Now, the comparable products to the Zebra AP6511 and the Zebra RFS6000 are the Extreme Networks NX7522 and the Extreme Networks NX5500 respectively, all of which are available to purchase from ACS Group, an award-winning partner of Zebra Technologies as well as Extreme Networks. The wireless system is working very well for the Double-Six Luxury Hotel because one access point can cover more than one room. And since the rooms in the Double-Six Luxury Hotel are relatively large, the use of Zebra/Extreme are suitable and economical for five star accomodations with large guest areas.

“As a new property with a growing reputation in the luxury travel sector, there is no room for error and the system must be future-proofed to provide the best customer experience and guest engagement to our guests.” says, Mr Sulaiman. To read more about this story in a professionally-made, written case study by Zebra Technologies and ACS Group for the Double-Six Luxury Hotel, download the PDF File Here.

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