Digital Transformation in Palm Plantation

In the context of accelerating the implementation of Industry 4.0, Indonesia has compiled a road map of industry 4.0 by establishing five manufacturing sectors that will be the main priority in its development, one of the priorities is the food and beverage industry. The palm oil industry, has a large market share and is one of the largest foreign exchange earners from the non-oil and gas sector. This success must continue to be supported by qualified digital technology including the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digitalized Infrastructure (DI) and other digital technologies.

Seeing this development, ACS Group held a Solution Day – Industry 4.0 event with the theme “Digital Transformation in Palm Plantation” at the Mercure Hotel Jakarta, on August 7, 2019. Solution products delivered at this event include: ABS as a comprehensive application solution for direct performance management that incorporates operational, financial and agronomic elements. ABS has application software such as the Micro Macro Plantation Program (PMMP) and the Micro Macro Plant Program (MMMP) to assist Palm Oil companies in pursuing sustainable growth. This mobile-based application includes GPS integration, geo-mapping, and other advanced features that provide real-time monitoring of plantation performance. This system helps simplify management activities so as to increase productivity.

Helios Mobility Suites (HMS) is a mobility solution for corporate needs that is designed and developed based on the obstacles experienced by our clients in the adoption of enterprise mobility. HMS solutions can help overcome company problems in terms of security and device management, and increase productivity of workers in the field. HMS provides end to end solutions, ranging from solutions that can support productivity, management to security from your mobile device. HMS can also be easily integrated with your mobile application. With Helios Mobility Suites, you can continue to innovate and accelerate the business processes in the company through the mobility solutions that are in your hands.



The Sangfor solution includes three sets of solutions namely Internet Access Management which is used to provide efficient management of internet access activities. This solution is needed considering that currently almost all corporations are connected to the internet. With the increasing number of applications or content on the internet, the arrangement is very necessary so that the use of internet access in accordance with company needs. The second solution, WAN Optimization, is related to application performance improvement. This is usually related to the condition where users in the branch access the application or server located in the data center through the WAN network.

Components such as latency and low bandwidth usually cause access to the application will feel slow. By using a WAN Optimization solution, application access will be faster. Whereas SSL VPN is a solution for remote access. Today, along with the development of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, we can work anytime and from anywhere. Usually workers who work on a mobile basis will access the company’s network using the remote access method. With SSL VPN, it is possible for mobile workers to access company resources remotely safely, because it is equipped with several security access features such as authentication, host checker and others.



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