ACS Group Representative in Banten And Yogyakarta

In line with the development of the industry that continues to move forward, of course, information technology will be very influential in the industrial era 4.0 to smooth the production of goods, process data and disseminate information. In this development the ACS Group in 2019 expanded its wing by opening representatives for the Banten and Yogyakarta regions. Economically, the Banten region has several industrial estates and the availability of a seaport to support the logistics & distribution of goods produced by the industry, besides the existence of a thriving hospitality industry in the province.

Yogyakarta is also a student city and is also famous for its tourism industry, the growth of school facilities and hospitality is growing along with the development of this industry. Hoping ACS Group can contribute through a four-pillar solution that has been successful so far as an effective solution in improving performance, effectiveness and efficiency.

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