Kick Off Meeting For AMTS’s Projects

ACSGROUP has a kick-off meeting with the asset management team in one of the largest pharmaceutical distribution companies in Indonesia, in the context of implementing the Asset Management and Tracking System software. At this meeting discussed the preparations and stages regarding the implementation of asset management using the AMTS application developed by the ACS Group’s own engineer team.

AMTS is an application that is easily accessible, can use many commonly used browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and others. There are dozens of Zebra TC20 units that are used to access the Mobile version of AMTS, TC20 has good barcode scanning and data processing, long battery life, resistance to impact and water and dust splashes, making it a very optimal device choice used in the asset management process in the field, such as stock-taking or asset audits. The use of the Zebra GC420 label printer with Vinyl Yupo and Full-resin Ribbon supplies, is also the right and effective choice for the asset labeling process.

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