Case Study: Obsesi Man

Purwakarta, East Java – Obsesi Man is a laundry and rental company owned by Mr. Marwan, an entrepreneur from West Java. Together with Mr. Eddie, General Manager of Obsesi Man, they manage a state-of-the-art washing facility in Purwakarta and deliver clean laundry ranging from bedsheets, clothes, and towels for some of the largest private hospitals in Jakarta on a daily basis.

From its humble beginnings in 2008, capacity and productivity have grown multiple times over. But as many successful businesses could understand, the accounting discipline could become too relaxed during the early growth stage. Because of the sheer volume of orders, Obsesi Man was receiving, operational inefficiency rose and something had to be done. In search of a solution, Mr. Marwan and Mr. Eddie went to a laundry exhibition in Jakarta. They had very specific demands. Thankfully, ACS Group was there offering the right solutions. Opening a very welcoming booth, the ACS Group team met with Mr. Marwan and Mr. Eddie and sought to collaborate.

ACS Group was already developing software called the ACS Laundry Tracking System (LTS). It is a solution based on RFID and it is combined with mobile printing and order-taking features. Hearing this, Mr. Marwan and Mr. Eddie were thrilled. After a few rounds of meetings and many hours of coding, ACS Group was able to deliver custom software based on the LTS platform for Obsesi Man. Would you like to see how the solution works? Are you interested to see Mr. Marwan and Mr. Eddie’s state-of-the-art facilities? Please watch our video case study below which was co-produced by ACS Group and Zebra Technologies (NASDAQ: ZBRA).

[Link Youtube: Case Study: Obsesi Man (RFID Laundry Tracking System)]


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