The visit of the CEO and Vice President of DRIVELOCK to the ACS Group

At present, in the Industry Industry 4.0 (Digital era), the aspect of cyber security is very important and must be considered. The smoothness of business processes, public services, digital information systems, is determined how strong and resistant a digital network is in dealing with cyber crime attacks that continue and occur all the time. DriveLock with its ‘Zero-Trust Platform’ (anti-malware, data loss prevention) can be a choice of appropriate solutions for high-level security at End-Point (end-point protection).

We are PT. Autojaya Idetech, has been appointed as Tier-One-Partner DriveLock in Indonesia and is fully supported by the German DriveLock central management. This was marked by the presence of Anton Kreuzer (CEO of DriveLock) and Martin Mangold (VP Cloud Operations DriveLock) to the head office of PT. Autojaya Idetech in Jakarta on December 3, 2019.

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