Aruba IntroSpect for UEBA and NTA

Solutions for the industrial sector: All industrial sectors. Aruba IntroSpect is a security product for User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) solutions and Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) solutions, which are designed to analyze the behavior of users and entities in an enterprise network and analyze reliable data traffic networks.

Aruba IntroSpect, has the ability to detect attacks by monitoring changes in the small things in the behavior and habits of users and entities that exist in the network. Aruba IntroSpect integrates advanced AI-based machine learning (ML), with pinpoint visualization that provides forensic insight, so that attacks such as malicious negligent users, systems and devices can be identified and addressed immediately.

Entity360 represents activities that are relevant to the security of an entity in relation to data sources, devices used, or types of activities. This includes a risk score (0 to 100) as well as a full safety profile. Each entity will have a risk score based on machine learning calculations that will explain the key factors.

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