Aruba User Experience Insight

Solutions for all industrial sectors; Insight is a diagnostic sensor of WiFi network performance from Aruba’s cloud-based HPE with a web-based administrative dashboard that can be accessed from anywhere. This Insight Sensor can be placed anywhere and is ideal for all enterprises related to network performance, applications and user connectivity. Together with user devices and IoT monitor network performance and connectivity such as DHCP, DNS, authentication, captive portal response, cloud and internal applications.

An understanding of the end user experience is easier – whether you are an expert on the WLAN onsite or not.

Seeing the health of your network from a user perspective doesn’t have to be difficult. An easy-to-use dashboard gives you the information you need when you need it. See the example in the animation below.



Single-Glance Diagnosis



Wi-Fi and App Performance



Zoom In: Rich Hover


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