Increase Efficiency & Effectiveness of Your Company’s Performance with AUTO-ID Solutions

In facing increasingly competitive business competition, the development of information technology has a huge impact on competitiveness with other companies. So that the company can compete, the company must constantly follow the development and advancement of information technology. One of the advantages of company competitiveness is effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. The purpose of implementing information technology for companies is to obtain a value chain from information technology that is useful in all aspects of the business oriented towards increasing the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of employees and the company.



Employees / workers are valuable assets and resources for every company where they work. Managing human resources in the right way is very important to carry out the company’s operational activities. How can workers in the field work more productively? Of course they need to be equipped with technology that can support their performance.

One of the information technologies that support their performance in the field is Auto-ID technology and the Auto-ID solutions include BarCode, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions to Mobile Computers/Handheld Computer/Portable Computer (Handheld Computers). With a handheld computer, it allows someone to work in accessing data and information from anywhere and anytime.

Autojaya together with Zebra Technologies is a company that has decades of experience in providing the appropriate AUTO-ID technology for many companies.


One of the auto-id products that are used to support these demands for efficiency and effectiveness is the Zebra TC21/TC26, a product with the right business features, which can help your workers capture and access the data they need quickly and efficiently.

One of the auto-id products used to support these efficiency and effective demands is the Zebra TC21/TC26, a product with the right business features, which can help your workers capture and access the data they need quickly and efficiently.

Products with the Android 10 platform are designed robustly with IP sealing 67 to withstand splashes of water, dust and capable of producing reliable operation for 10 – 14 hours continuously every day, including in rough/challenging areas.

This product can be implemented in various lines of industry, both in the hospitality/hotel, restaurant, cafe or tourism, retail, warehouse and transportation/distribution sectors.

Areas that can be applied with AUTO-ID technology include activities in warehouses, working areas, production lines, customer service, laboratories, distribution centers, receiving/shipping areas, and other. areas.

Zebra Technologies has a wide enterprise portfolio, such as Scanners, Mobile Computer/Data Capture products, and other product solutions that are appropriate for the Industrial world.

ACS Group (PT. Autojaya Idetech & PT. Solusi Periferal) itself is a professional company that was founded in 1991. ACS Group has become part of Zebra Technologies and has provided effective solutions for thousands of enterprises throughout Indonesia. Especially for AIDC solutions, Wireless Networking, Security and Professional Services. There are already 4 branches of the ACS Group in Cikarang, Semarang, Surabaya and Denpasar.

If you want to get more information about auto-id solutions in manufacturing and even in other fields you can contact us at +62 21 4208221 Ext 315 and 206.


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