Aruba ESP Industry First Native Cloud Platform with AI for edge devices.

Network solutions company Aruba introduces the Industry’s first AI-enabled Cloud Native Solution, Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform). This platform uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to identify network traffic and predict and solve problems in the network (Network Edge) before they arise.

The Aruba ESP platform is able to analyze data from all domains, identify and analyze SLA (Servies Level Agreement) to perform independent optimization, as well as monitor and secure unknown devices on the network. It also monitors and secures unknown devices on the network for servers, branches and remote worker locations.

Aruba ESP is designed to provide an edge cloud experience and can be used either as a cloud or on-premise service, as a managed service provided through Aruba partners or as a network as-a-Service service through HPE.

This platform secures and identifies networks and is developed on the following core principles:


AOIPS is an essential component in Aruba ESP. AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operation) which uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) which analyzes the cause of problems on the network more precisely with more than 95% accuracy, recovers network problems automatically, proactively monitors user experience.

In direct implementation on the user’s network, AIOps resulted in a 15% increase in throughput capacity and a nearly 90% reduction in troubleshooting time. The result is a truly improved end user and IT experience.

Integrated Infrastructure

With Aruba’s unified infrastructure approach, customers have the flexibility to choose a controller service-on-premise (at a company location) or on-cloud (in the cloud). Strengthen all network operations that include switching, Wi-Fi and SD-WAN on the campus, data center, branch and remote working environment under Aruba Central.

Zero Trust Network Security

The Aruba Edge Services Platform (ESP) is designed to help organizations / companies take advantage of data telemetry on their network to reduce complexity. You do this by automating more tasks in their IT operations. So that it can predict and solve problems on the network (Network Edge) before the problem arises, identity-based intrusion detection, in authenticating, authorizing and controlling every user and device connected to the network, by continuously detecting, preventing, isolating and stopping network breaches, before it all had an impact on the business.

This way the organization / company can solve complex IT problems faster while keeping the integrated infrastructure secure.


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