5 Benefits of the AMTS Program in Management of Company Equipment or Assets

Developed by ACS Group, Asset Management, and Tracking System (AMTS) software is designed to help organizations easily find their valuable assets, such as computers, furniture, medical equipment, equipment, and vehicles. This system enables a speedy search when conducting asset stock take.

You can store a substantial number of assets and furthermore fill in specification details in which later can be filtered in its search function by location, category, borrow/return date, and maintenance schedule.

By tagging every asset that needs to be tracked with barcode labels, a front-end solution in the form of an Android-based handheld scanner enables us to conduct regular stock take and revise any data directly on the field, which would later be synchronized with the main database.

Through an On-Premise or On-Cloud information system, AMTS software will record the placement location of each asset in a particular room-area-site. Unique ID in each barcode label will help distinguishing assets when an observation is conducted.

Here are 5 benefits of AMTS in Asset Management:

  • Can list a substantial number of assets and update their related information

Assets’ details from various branches can be recorded in a centralized database. Asset descriptions can also be revised every time a stock take is carried out, either centrally or directly at the location.

  • Get Information when assets require maintenance

The maintenance service schedule can be inputted per asset or per asset group. Person In Charge will get email notification when a certain schedule is nearing the due date to avoid maintenance delay or lateness.

  • Proper asset organizing leads to correct asset accountability

By centralizing data with either On-Premise or On-Cloud options, the person in charge of each asset and its respective cost center can be clearly seen and assessed.

  • Asset information updates are simple using mobile android application

With the android mobile app, after registering an asset you can move its location, arrange to borrow & return it, and easily identify the asset on location when commencing stock take.

  • Get email notifications when borrowed assets are due

Assets that are borrowed are recorded in the system and will have a certain due date. If the borrowed asset has passed this date, the borrower and admin will get a notification.

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