Managed Service Solutions to Optimize Information Technology Infrastructure

These days, information technology infrastructure has become a vital part of a company’s operations. IT products and services have been shown to increase productivity and efficiency for developing companies.

The company needs a large number of internal IT staff to support the development of the company’s business scope, such as adding sales sites or adding sales forces.

The fast-paced evolution of technology also affects the complexity of technology. Internal IT staff may not always have the necessary skills to solve problems. Internal IT staff skill improvement is needed to keep IT infrastructure running smoothly.

On one hand, many companies realize that it takes a lot of money to support internal IT team and operating IT equipment.

On the other hand, many companies do not focus on IT Competency or technology, they only focus on their business. This causes the turnover of internal IT staff to increase.

Companies have to review the security of access to IT infrastructure and avoid possible sabotage which is the impact of this high turnover of internal IT staff.

The increasing demands of business operations have caused more and more companies to be overwhelmed with managing IT infrastructure. Another pressure that is no less important is the company’s IT budget.

The demands of competition make more and more companies prioritize on funding strategic project investments that can increase competitive advantage. Most companies also avoid unexpected costs as much as possible, as well as Capital Expenditures (Capital Expense or Capex) that are too large.

IT is a part of the company that requires large funds, not only from human resources but also from the aspect of asset spending. Therefore, many companies scrambled to minimize IT operational costs. Unfortunately, budget cuts without careful consideration can actually reduce employee productivity and in turn the growth of the business itself.


Managed Service can be a solution for companies that want to manage their budgets better without compromising the service quality of the company’s IT infrastructure.

With Managed Service, companies can transfer their management and maintenance of IT infrastructure to Managed Service providers.

Companies can choose to continue to buy and own IT equipment themselves, or completely hand over the procurement of the equipment needed to the Managed Service provider.

In addition to reducing expenses, Managed Service services can also simplify budget planning, prevent unexpected costs due to downtime, and shift capital expenditures into operational expenses (Opex).

Managed Service providers generally offer payment schemes that make it easier for companies to plan their IT budgets. Companies pay service providers regularly with guaranteed service quality through an SLA (Service Level Agreement) and don’t have to worry about additional costs that have arisen due to sudden problems.

Downtime, or the unavailability of a company’s IT infrastructure, can result in significant unexpected costs. With proactive maintenance, Managed Service providers can minimize downtime, thereby reducing losses that may arise.

Managed Service providers provide systems, infrastructure, and competent, experienced, and certified human resources to manage, monitor, protect, and solve problems on networks, applications, and processes that may occur in your business IT systems.

ACS Group presents Managed Service solutions to manage IT systems or infrastructure from companies ranging from AIDC device operations, wired/wireless network systems, access control systems to cyber security for securing the company’s IT systems/infrastructure.

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