Barcode Highlighting Tips & Info

In a label consisting of several types of barcode symbology, such as 1D and 2D, some barcode types require visual identification of the barcode to be scanned or Barcode Highlight You can see the detail in the image below.

PDF417 barcodes are marked in orange, Code128 barcodes that are less than 13 characters in blue, and other types of barcodes in green. Zebra DataWedge introduces a new option that is effective in data capturing with one of its superior features which can highlight certain barcodes in a single label. This feature, known as Barcode Highlighting, functions to scan multiple barcodes in one label containing several types of barcodes and send them to the application according to the specified criteria.

Benefits of using Barcode Highlighting:

– Provides onscreen feedback on the screen and tells the operator which barcode to capture

– Assist the operator in finding items by highlighting the barcode


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How to set Barcode Highlighting:

To configure barcode highlighting, set the DataWedge profile as follows :

1. Enable Barcode Highlighting on the Barcode input plugin

2. Press the ellipsis to display additional parameters

3. Define Barcode Highlighting:

– Create different rules for each type or color of barcode you want to display

– Can consist of several rules or roles with different colors

5. Define the conditions for the rule:

– Maximum/minimum length of the barcode

– Data String contained in it

– Barcode symbology.

6. Rules are executed in order of priority from top to bottom

7. Define a reporting rule, if you don’t specify a reporting rule, the barcode will not be sent to the application.

8. The reporting rule and the highlighting rule have different conditions, meaning you can choose to report a barcode that is different from the one currently being highlighted. However, it is recommended that these rules remain the same.

9. Define a reporting action so the barcode is sent back to the application.

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