Implementation Of RFID Technology Solutions & Its Benefits For Industrial Business

In the development of digitalization technology, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is a familiar name in the industrial world. However, contrary to popular belief, RFID technology’s function is not to replace Barcode technology. In several business processes, RFID Labels/Tags will be much more economical and faster than barcode technology, notably if used for returnable assets. Perfect for track & trace (close loop process) because these RFID tags can be reused, have short tag reading time, and can be read all at once, contrary to the barcode scanning process which is generally done one by one.

RFID is part of the ‘Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology. Functionally, the RFID component is divided into two parts:

  • RFID Tag (to be read), composed of chips (electronic circuit) and an integrated antenna called INLAY. Generally, RFID tags have three memories to store unique ID (TID), EPC data, and user data.
  • RFID Reader is a tool used to read RFID tags. There are two types of readers: First, mobile Readers that are used by humans. Second, Fixed Readers are generally placed at gates, conveyors, zone transfer points, or auto-reading areas (without human interaction).

ACS Group, in collaboration with Zebra Technologies, has successfully implemented RFID in several Automotive Industries, Electronic Industries, and Manufacturing Industries for Returnable assets and Track & Trace Asset Applications. Both are very effective and efficient applications implemented using RFID technology.

Supply chain activities (process activities of the flow of goods from manufacturing to the hands of customers) consist of distribution, transportation, and transfer of goods status. To support these activities, Zebra Technologies provides solutions for RFID technology, Mobile Readers (Zebra MC333x/MC339x, RFD40, RFD90), Fixed Reader (Zebra FX7500, FX9600), and Printer (ZD621R, ZT411, ZT620).

Zebra MC333X/MC339X is a mobile RFID reader that is easy to carry because it is the lightest of its kind and made for easy one-handed use, both for right-handed and left-handed workers. It has a 35% larger battery capacity to accommodate field operations in 1 shift.

Zebra FX7500/FX9600 is a fixed RFID reader that can be fixed to the reading points. This reading point can usually be on the conveyor, gate, intermediate area, and others. This Fixed Reader will read every RFID tag that passes through it and send this information quickly and accurately to the server/data processing for recording transactions.

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