Rugged Tablet as Company Operational Solution

In the digital era, data input and entry must be carried out anywhere, even in the most extreme locations, such as production areas, warehouses, roads, gardens, forests, and others. According to some technology reviews, it is commonly called ‘on the edge’. For this reason, you need reliable digital devices (gadgets) such as Enterprise Tablets (Rugged Tablets).

In various business operations, field workers need more than just an ordinary commercial tablet device. Extreme work environments require tools that are resistant to impact, dust, and rain/water splashes, have long battery life, product lifetime that is longer than consumer products, and can be used under direct sunlight. Field data entry is usually critical and should be performed without much disturbance or disruption due to equipment failure. For that, you need a Rugged Tablet.

Zebra Rugged tablets are the answer to all the challenges and needs mentioned above. It’s equipped with advanced features for enterprise operations needs, guaranteed Aftersales, Hot Swap Battery, high IP Rating, Drop Spec, and Military Standard. Zebra rugged tablets are proven to increase the effectiveness and productivity of field users at the end (on the edge), thus supporting the Digital Transformation process in business organizations.

ACS Group and Zebra Technologies have successfully implemented the use of this Enterprise Tablet in the Production Line area of one of the largest Pharmacy factories in Indonesia and several other industries.

There are several Zebra Rugged Tablet models marketed in Indonesia by Zebra Technologies, namely the Zebra L10 (Windows/Android), Zebra ET5X (Windows/Android), Zebra ET8X (Windows) dan Zebra ET4X (Android).

If you are interested in discussing this product further as an appropriate solution for your company, ACS Group, which has experience in its field since 1992, is ready to help you.

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