Unlimited Communication with Hytera Radio Solution (PoC)

These days, Field Coordination needs to be fulfilled by the Handy Talkie (HT) as a means of communication between two or more people.

However, conventional HT generally uses narrowband frequencies that require complicated frequency permits. In general, it also has inefficient infrastructure investments and limited information types. To overcome that, Hytera offers a Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) solution that combines Push-to-talk (PTT) technology using a SIM Card to connect with Cellular & Wireless (4G) and Wi-Fi networks.

The cellular broadband network is currently proven efficient and has nationwide coverage. Therefore, it can provide structured coordination that makes processing data for employees easier. With this, information can be obtained more quickly, precisely, and accurately compared to conventional HT which requires additional investment in wireless infrastructure.

Why do you need Hytera and not a smartphone, even though both are using a cellular signal?

Convenience: Hytera is equipped with a special PTT button on the device. Press and hold the button to communicate.

Features: Rugged design with IP & Military standards and loud speaker (up to 5W, compared to 0.5W-1W Smartphone) that is suitable for extreme field conditions

Endurance: Hytera’s HT cellular battery (up to 18 hours) last much longer than a smartphone

Security: The HyteraTalk application guarantees better security for your device compared to a regular smartphone

What are the main strengths of Hytera’s PoC?

(Cost Efficiency) by using a Cellular network, the range of communication & coordination is more vast and there is no need to manage the infrastructure & frequency permits like using conventional HT.

(Application) Hytalk creates a 1-to-1 communication flow, provides reports in the form of images to live videos with PoC, and monitors device location changes with GPS Tracking facilities.

(Flexibility) the Android OS will provide flexibility when changing frequencies through cellular signals with many groups without requesting a frequency permit.

Hytera’s various features are designed to boost effective and efficient communication. Hytera’s solutions are perfect for supporting banking, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, transportation, hospitals, airports, and property industries. For more information about this solution, you can contact ACS Group, an official partner of Hytera.

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