Alibaba Cloud Hands On Lab Yogyakarta

ACS Group host an exclusive on-site hands-on lab experience delivered directly by Eggy Tanuwijaya, Head of Solution Architect Alibaba Cloud Indonesia.
Invitees are from our customer base in Yogyakarta’s education and hospitality industry, who is guided in an interactive 3-hour session, deploying various instances in Alibaba Cloud themselves, along with common troubleshooting.

This event is essential to give a practical showcase on how to deploy and use cloud resources and what shared-responsibility consciousness that user need to have on their cloud journey.

The flexibility of cloud allows users to configure appropriate and on-demand resources/specifications, in coherence with the most current requirement.
Should users need a PaaS for their database management, Alibaba Cloud’s ApsaraDB RDS is a ready solution for deployment.

This direct and personal approach with support is one of the many reason for our collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, as a global brand needs local action as part of their market availability.

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