ACS Care Remote Support Operational Downtime Solutions

Company assets are investments, therefore additional protection is needed for each device with ACS Care, in terms of operational and performance your device will be guaranteed to continue to run optimally with ACS Care. With this you can set operational costs and lock in device maintenance costs from the first day of purchase. That way you can more easily estimate and plan your annual budget.

Operational processes and productivity will be maintained due to reduced device downtime. ACS Care also reduces unexpected costs due to repairing devices with specific problems. Devices served by ACS Care include Printers, Mobile Computers, Push-to-talk over Cellular, Access Points, MDM Services, Remote Support, Wireless LAN Site Survey Services, and Fortinet Cyber ​​Threat Assessment.

Remote support or remote support is a system where our technicians solve problems with damaged devices using remote access to our devices, with this we can identify and resolve problems that occur, so this will make it easier for you when downtime occurs.

What are the details of our Managed Services for Remote Support?


Types of Devices That Can Be Remotely Supported by ACS Care

ACS Care can remotely support several types of devices, one of which is the WLAN AP & Controller and Next Generation Firewall. WLAN AP & Controller products that we can serve are Aruba, Extreme Networks, Huawei Terminals, Printers. The Next Generation Firewall that we can serve is Fortinet FortiGate.

ACS Care Service Coverage for Remote Support

Hotline Support

We are always ready to serve your needs and always ready to solve your problems. ACS Care offers support through a hotline which is always available during business hours (8×5).

Total Service Sessions

You can conduct remote consultations up to 10 times during your subscription. As long as it hasn’t been used, the session can continue to be used in the following years. ACS Care makes it easier for you to navigate WLAN AP & Controller and Next Generation Firewall products with Remote Support. We provide Remote Support with Aruba type, Extreme Networks, Huawei Terminal, Printer for WLAN AP & Controller and Fortinet FortiGate for Next Generation Firewall. Remote support consultation can be done 10 times. Interested in ACS Care remote support? Call us for more information at +62 811 1944 534.

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