Hikrobot Machine Vision, Fortinet OT Security, and Hytera Push-To-Talk in Three Major Cities: Chasing the Industrial Revolution.

Particularly in light of industrial revolution 4.0, the industrial world is expanding quickly. Three technology developments have gained attention amidst the continual change: Machine Vision, OT Security, and Push-to-Talk over Cellular. At the “More Digital for Continuous Improvement” event, ACS GROUP is pleased to provide these three solutions as part of its ongoing commitment to supporting technology in Indonesia. The first event, which was powered by Machine Vision Hikrobot, Cyber Security Maturity, and OT Security Fortinet, was held on June 22, 2023, at the Holiday Inn Cikarang.

Matthew Setiadi gave a talk on Hikrobot to kick off the program, offering fresh perspectives on the manufacturing sector. Three key areas are the focus of attention: AI Deep Learning Technology, Smart Code Reader, and Machine Vision. By enabling systems to recognize, evaluate, and make judgments based on visual pictures and data, machine vision is revolutionizing the field of visual understanding. In the meanwhile, Smart Code Reader is an indispensable tool for tracking and precisely identifying products. deep usage of AI deep learning technology, which enables remarkably intelligent machines to comprehend and interpret data.

“What occurs if someone who isn’t even physically present at the location turns off the chiller in your factory?”

Mohammad Syafei, speaking on behalf of Mattel, Inc., which the government designated as one of the Lighthouses for education regarding Cyber Security Maturity, presented this use case of cyber risks. As an alternative to ISO and NIST certification, which is becoming more and more necessary due to the inevitable convergence of IT and operational technology, the CSM created by BSSN enhances INDI 4.0.

Following that, Bayu Alam Saputra of Synnex Metrodata Indonesia gave a presentation on several Fortinet solutions for the OT area as determined by the Purdue Model. One potential method to address legacy OS issues is Virtual Patching, which makes use of a specialized OT Intrusion Prevention System.

Due to the great demand created by the Cikarang event’s success, the ACS Group organized an event on the same subject on July 13, 2023, in Semarang. The activities didn’t end there; on August 9, 2023, they moved on to Surabaya. ACS Group included Hytera’s Push-to-Talk solution this time.

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