Modern Manufacturing: Enhancing Cybersecurity and Monitoring with ACS Group’s Newest Solutions

IT specialists from a number of manufacturing organizations convened at Aston Cilegon on September 13, 2023, to talk about the difficulties modernization is currently facing and potential cyberthreats. A variety of cutting-edge technologies were on display at the event, including those from Hikrobot, eG Innovations, Fortinet and Claroty, and Hytera (Booth), which promise to address a growing number of intricate cybersecurity issues in the context of a manufacturing environment that is always evolving.

The newest manufacturing technology that makes use of AI and deep learning was showcased during the Hikrobot session. highlighting the significance of digitalization advancements in cyber-secure industrial processes using Fortinet. In this sense, remote access to sensors is possible in contemporary manufacturing.

Based on the Purdue Model, Fortinet offers a complete solution. When combined with the Claroty solution, it can offer visibility into policies, including identifying vulnerabilities and assessing how best to implement them. Observing what your vendors are doing remotely on your machines—especially while performing maintenance—is one of the primary features.

With eG-Innovation’s latest session, businesses may concentrate more on managing their operations because it offers unprecedented conveniences. eG-innovation will take the lead in issuing alerts to issues that are already happening in the IT environment, such as data centers, servers, apps, or infrastructure, prior to anomalies occurring.

Creative solutions, like those on display at this event, are becoming more and more important in a society that is getting more automated and networked. This incident has given important insight into how proactive measures can be taken by modern manufacturing organizations to safeguard their operations against ever-evolving cyber threats.

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