eG Innovations Comprehensive Information Technology Monitoring Solution in One Dashboard

Many organizations, regardless of size and industry, are increasingly dependent on IT from time to time. It provides many options for all users, from unified communications to complex application systems with container systems. Maintaining this is the responsibility of the IT division.

Smooth operations are also the responsibility of the organization’s IT division. In fulfilling this responsibility, the IT team must ensure that technology management is predictable, controllable, and continues to develop with minimal disruption or involvement of external experts.

eG Enterprise is a solution that unites monitoring and observation for all technology layers, such as applications, databases, and servers that run your services on the same dashboard in 1 control. With the help of embedded AIOps, eG Enterprise can help organizations monitor, pay attention to developments, and detect disruptions before they become problems. All information technology, like servers, applications, virtualization, storage, containers, network devices, and various other technologies, will be analyzed.



Assisted by our AIOps, all metrics collected from each technology will be compiled automatically and shown based on the priority of what must be completed first. With this, issues can be isolated more quickly, increasing efficiency.

What are the main points of eG Enterprise?
  • Get correlated information across your data center and view all metrics, resource usage, configuration changes, and hardware health.
  • Alert intelligence with a dynamic baseline and follow usage habits in the environment to reduce alerts and effectively pinpoint the source of problems.
  • With the same system, it can provide monitoring and reports on analysis and historical data for each IT infrastructure component.
  • Able to provide predictions regarding the future use of IT infrastructure components, so that they can support the IT team.



Apart from that, you can monitor the availability, issues, and performance of each type of network device that provides the SNMP protocol, including routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers, from the brands Cisco, F5, HPE, Dell, and so on. eG Enterprise supports Monitoring availability, Packet loss, Traffic, Network Delay, Latency, Bandwidth, Discards, and Errors.

End-to-end, eG Enterprise can display metrics, resource usage, configuration changes, and hardware health with intelligent alerts. These alerts, when combined with dynamic baselines, can track usage habits in the environment and pinpoint the source of problems promptly.


eG Enterprise comprehensive infrastructure are as follows:
  • Open cases drastically reduced
  • Significant reduction in major incidents.
  • Increased productivity with improved SLA
  • Financing efficiency by reducing open cases for partners.


ACS Group is committed to delivering the best portfolio of products, ranging from endpoint devices to IT infrastructure to the latest technology, such as servers, networks, cloud, and IoT. With a wide range of services throughout Indonesia, ACS Group is ready to support, and develop our customers’ businesses, and reduce networks and security complexity on one platform with integrated solutions. Are you ready to implement it in your business processes? For further information regarding eG Enterprise solution, you can contact +6221 4208221, Whatsapp +62 811-1944-534, Email, or you can visit our website at

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