Solution for Connecting Analog Handy Talky (HT) to HT PTT-Over-Cellular (PoC) System

Communication is crucial, especially for industry/business that requires field team coordination. Companies usually use Handy Talky (HT) to coordinate, but with increasingly rapid technological developments, you can communicate more practically and efficiently using Handy Talky POC. One of the best POC solutions providers, Hytera, has developed and introduced PTT-over-Cellular (PoC) or cellular-based HT via GSM data or Wi-Fi as an alternative coordination solution between users.

With PTT over Cellular (PoC), complicated frequency permits are no longer required, able to send live video reports, save infrastructure investment funds, and enjoy a wide range of communication. Handy Talky POC solution will benefit various industrial sectors such as public safety, manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality, especially in urban areas that are very cell signal friendly.

But what if a company, industry, or business already uses analog Handy Talky? “Can our functional company’s analog HT (frequencies) be combined with HT PoC and communicate directly?”


The answer is it’s impossible to communicate/connect directly because of the difference in signal types between the two, where the frequency is narrowband and cellular is broadband. A connector is needed to facilitate meetings/communication between the two, which is called a gateway.


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At Hytera, there are two gateway options, namely BN100 or MPUC. However, because these two products have not yet entered Indonesia, ACS Group has a solution by using a gateway from SOLIDTRONIC with POCSTARS as the communication system/application.



For communication, Hytera created the Hytalk application as an exclusive tool for communication between various users. We need an additional application for communication, namely POCSTARS. This third-party application can be used on various PoC brands. Apart from being implemented on-premises, this application is also available in subscription mode via the Cloud, which is different from Hytalk because it has two options, including:

  1. 1-year subscription where users must renew the license every year. With this license, users can transfer their POCSTARS ID to any device.
  2. Lifetime subscription where users only need to pay once for lifetime use of the device. This license binds the IMEI and cannot be transferred to other devices.


Apart from managing/creating communication groups and monitoring conditions via pull video and location with GPS, POCSTARS can connect communications between frequencies and cellular via gateway box devices with SOLIDTRONIC.


SOLIDTRONIC functions as a translator so audio sent by analog radios can be received by radios based on cellular signals and vice versa. By using SOLIDTRONIC, information sent by analog radio can be received on the PoC.

How to connect it with SOLIDTRONIC?

Before installation, several things need to be prepared, namely:

  1. SOLIDTRONIC device with the POCSTARS application (1 Year Subscription) installed. One SOLIDTRONIC device can only connect to one analog radio channel. Please adjust how many channels you need.
  2. LAN cable to connect SOLIDTRONIC to the local internet network.
  3. Rig-type radio based on analog frequencies to function as a repeater (example: Motorola XiR 8260). We recommend a Rig type radio for more optimal power.
  4. Audio cable to connect SOLIDTRONIC to your Rig type Radio.

Note: Make sure there are pins in the audio slot/plug on the radio so that the audio cable can be adjusted.

Once all the components are ready, install them according to their respective ports. Please remember that each SOLIDTRONIC can only connect one channel/site. It needs to be adjusted according to your needs.


For more detailed information, please see How to Connect HT POC to HT Analog by ACS Group on YouTube.



A solution to connect Handy Talky (HT) Analog to the HT PTT-Over-Cellular (PoC) System will make coordination between users in your company easier. If you are interested in implementing this solution, you can contact us, ACS Group, an official partner of Hytera at +62 21 4208221Whatsapp +62 811-1944-534 Email ke

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