Control Your Corporate Network Easier with Aruba Clear Pass

In the digital era such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the Internet of Things (IoT), cyber attacks are currently a big challenge, both for small and large organizations. For this reason, various solutions are needed to prevent cyber attacks to protect company data.

Aruba ClearPass presents a zero trust security solution that functions as Network Access Control (NAC) which focuses on securing network access / connections for individual or group users, as well as devices to the company network either via cable, wireless or VPN from outside the company’s main network. With the Clearpass solution, even if the user connects to the network via these three methods, they will get the same access rights as set by the Policy Manager.

With the zero trust security concept, Aruba ClearPass can secure network access/connections that are completely controlled, companies can strengthen the security posture of the company network.  Every access to the network cannot be trusted, whether the device comes from external or internal to the company.

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Here are some features of Aruba ClearPass:
  1. Provides detailed information about devices accessing the corporate network.
  2. Includes a policy manager feature that makes it easy for your IT team to monitor and grant access to others without regard to time and place.
  3. Introduces specific rights to access data, sites, and files within the company with the Dynamic Segmentation feature.
  4. With VPN support, you can implement secure connectivity for remote employees working outside the office.
  5. All devices are authenticated and authorized, eliminating the term “UNKNOWN DEVICE.”
  6. Supports multivendor for all 802.1X devices, both wired and wireless.
  7. Built-in ClearPass profiling – Internet of Things (IoT), laptops, and mobile phones.

Aruba ClearPass can be an ideal security solution for your organization’s dynamic network in the current digital era. If you need networking solutions for your organization or company, you can contact us, ACS Group, at +6221 4208221, Whatsapp +62 811-1944-534 Email to or you can visit our website at

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