The Need for Security in Operations apart from IT in Industry

Collaboration between Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) requires a vast perspective to provide comprehensive security. Where OS or Antivirus updates are commonplace and have minimal obstacles in IT, they can result in critical issues that significantly hinder production KPIs if executed with the same methods in an OT environment.

Negligence in securing OT devices with legacy operational systems results in unprotected devices that are easily attacked by cyber-attacks. For this reason, convergence is needed in cybersecurity planning in a digitalized industry by first separating the IT zone from the OT.

The following are several activities to prevent cyber security in Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) :



This segmentation is called the Demilitarized Zone [DMZ] or Zone 3.5 in the Purdue model. This zone becomes a perimeter protector for the OT segment as a safety compliance tool. A capable NextGen Firewall [NGFW] is needed to filter all data packets leaving or entering the OT zone, either from IT or the internet. The selected NGFW must have a Virtual Patching feature to mitigate the need for OT devices that cannot be updated like IT devices.


The next step is to identify assets in the OT segment. This step is required to determine what digital security protocols are needed and how many assets need security. No security vendor provides this entire line of facilities. Therefore, it is necessary to implement solutions that can collaborate between principals, for example, Fortinet’s collaboration with Claroty for Asset Discovery.


Remote access is now easily accessible. There are various tools available on machines in the factory to make adjustments remotely. Of course, this “direct” path also needs to be secured with an NGFW or Secure Switch.


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Network Access Control, Authenticator/Token can regulate the access level to OT devices for each company personnel. This solution can also set the specifications of what devices can access OT zones or devices. This assessment of the company personnel’s access level is a form of security hardening. It also can be a basis for accountability that the company entrusts to personnel who require remote access to do routine maintenance or adjust device functions.


What about threats from within? For example, when OT device operators unknowingly commit violations or do not realize how crucial the impact of their negligence is due to a lack of security protocol training. EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solutions are needed to mitigate direct human interaction aspects, such as PLC, DCS, SCADA, and HMI.


This comprehensive level of security certainly requires significant and sustainable investment. Therefore, there is a need for a comprehensive report that can be assessed by management. The right SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) dashboard is a solution to this problem. We also recommend SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) with its playbook feature to simplify security centralization and automation.


Even the most sophisticated security system does not escape the risk of Zero-Day Threats which requires special attention. Two mitigations for this problem are the Sandbox solution, which will quarantine unknown signatures, and the Deceptor, which will imitate the original environment but “trick” it. If a facility is attacked, it will happen in a quarantined zone and separated from the original production environment.


In implementing various security solutions, especially in the Operational Technology aspect, good integration with the Information Technology team is needed so that operational problems do not occur. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for Security Convergence between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) in the industry, you can contact us at ACS Group. You can call us at +6221 4208221, chat via WhatsApp at +62 811-1944-534, email, or you can visit our website at

ACS GROUP (PT AUTOJAYA IDETECH and PT SOLUSI PERIFERAL has provided appropriate solutions for thousands of enterprises throughout Indonesia since 1992 for AIDC solutions, IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Security Systems, and Enterprise Business Solutions. Our company has four branches, namely in Cikarang, Semarang, Surabaya, and Denpasar.

How Machine Vision Inspection Can Become a Quality Control Solution for Industry

In the manufacturing industry, the quality control process requires high-quality standards. Poor quality control will detrimentally affect operational and financial costs. Machine Vision with a Vision-Based Inspection System can be a quality control solution to reduce manual inspections, which can be time-consuming and prone to operational errors. By automating quality control processes, manufacturers can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve their reputation for producing high-quality products.

The latest research from Google Cloud shows that 76% of the manufacturing industry has shifted to digital enablers such as data and analytics, cloud, and AI. Some of the advantages of this Vision-Based Inspection System are as follows:

  • Instructing the production system digitally so that it achieves the desired position. It helps in automating and streamlining the manufacturing process.
  • Collecting data and improving efficiency in line production, picking, sorting packaging, and other applications.
  • Information obtained by a Vision-Based Inspection System can identify problems on the production lines or other operations to improve workflow, stop inefficient processes, and identify unsatisfactory products

Comparing Quality Control with manual visuals, Automated Visual Inspection provides a broader advantages:

  • Efficient: Observations and conclusions about an object can be made quickly and generate precise calculations.
  • Reliable: This system can be programmed and customized according to needs, is not biased, and follows instructions without obstructions.
  • Accurate: Able to measure object dimensions exactly according to standardization.
  • Safety: Can be used as a substitute in conditions that could endanger humans.

Vision-Based Inspection Systems are based on industry operations, type, and size. Various industries like automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, F&B, packaging, and consumer goods use Machine Vision for inspection.


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Vision-Based Inspection System Capability

Vision-Based Inspection Systems have numerous uses, which means that every manufacturer in any sector can utilize this technology to address specific problems related to product quality. Vision-Based Inspection Systems can be implemented across multiple production lines and configured to suit specific application and inspection requirements. Manufacturers can utilize the Vision-Based Inspection System for:

  1. Defect Detection
  • Detect and analyze extensive defects, like cracks, damage, surface finish defects, measure dimensions, and more.
  • Provides the necessary data to identify and classify defects accurately.
  1. Measure Dimensions
  • Measure component and product dimensions.
  • Analyze captured images using algorithms and calculate object dimensions.
  • This method is very accurate and can be used to measure objects of various sizes.
  1. Quality Standards
  • Automate product inspection for quality control purposes.
  • Checking conformity with established product standards.
  • Inspect products for quality checks at a much higher speed than human inspectors
  1. Product Counting
  • Automate product counting using image processing techniques.
  • Detect and count objects on the production line with precise accuracy.
  • Track inventory levels and ensure products are counted correctly.
  1. Detect Tool Wear
  • Detect tool wear in operations machines to maintain high product quality.
  • Optimize machine parts detection in the manufacturing process, ensuring that productivity is maintained and costs are kept to a minimum.
  1. Package Integrity
  • Inspect the packaging for defects, such as leaks, holes, missing components, and incorrect labeling.
  • Ensure the package is intact and undamaged before it reaches the customer.
  • Automate the inspection process and ensure only quality products are delivered.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce returns


Visual inspection has evolved from manual to automatic, especially for the Quality Control process. Humans are not designed to do repetitive tasks with low cognitive levels, so errors often occur in processes that rely heavily on manual inspection. Machine Vision Inspection System solutions can increase speed and accuracy in operational inspections. In addition, humans are freed from tedious and routine tasks, providing an opportunity to shift them to activities that require higher skills. Machine Vision has measurement, counting, locating, and decoding capabilities which are commonly used in manufacturing operations.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and affordable way to complete complex tasks that range from simple object recognition image processing to advanced quality control ACS GROUP offers a Machine Vision Based Inspection System solution. For further information regarding the Machine Vision solution with the Vision Based Inspection System, you can contact +6221 4208221, Whatsapp +62 811-1944-534, Email, or you can visit our website at www.

ACS GROUP (PT. AUTOJAYA IDETECH & PT. SOLUSI PERIFERAL), a professional company founded in 1992, has provided appropriate solutions for thousands of enterprises throughout Indonesia, both for AIDC solutions, IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Security Systems, and Enterprise Business Solutions. Our company has four branches, in Cikarang, Semarang, Surabaya, and Denpasar.

Solution for Connecting Analog Handy Talky (HT) to HT PTT-Over-Cellular (PoC) System

Communication is crucial, especially for industry/business that requires field team coordination. Companies usually use Handy Talky (HT) to coordinate, but with increasingly rapid technological developments, you can communicate more practically and efficiently using Handy Talky POC. One of the best POC solutions providers, Hytera, has developed and introduced PTT-over-Cellular (PoC) or cellular-based HT via GSM data or Wi-Fi as an alternative coordination solution between users.

With PTT over Cellular (PoC), complicated frequency permits are no longer required, able to send live video reports, save infrastructure investment funds, and enjoy a wide range of communication. Handy Talky POC solution will benefit various industrial sectors such as public safety, manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality, especially in urban areas that are very cell signal friendly.

But what if a company, industry, or business already uses analog Handy Talky? “Can our functional company’s analog HT (frequencies) be combined with HT PoC and communicate directly?”


The answer is it’s impossible to communicate/connect directly because of the difference in signal types between the two, where the frequency is narrowband and cellular is broadband. A connector is needed to facilitate meetings/communication between the two, which is called a gateway.


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At Hytera, there are two gateway options, namely BN100 or MPUC. However, because these two products have not yet entered Indonesia, ACS Group has a solution by using a gateway from SOLIDTRONIC with POCSTARS as the communication system/application.



For communication, Hytera created the Hytalk application as an exclusive tool for communication between various users. We need an additional application for communication, namely POCSTARS. This third-party application can be used on various PoC brands. Apart from being implemented on-premises, this application is also available in subscription mode via the Cloud, which is different from Hytalk because it has two options, including:

  1. 1-year subscription where users must renew the license every year. With this license, users can transfer their POCSTARS ID to any device.
  2. Lifetime subscription where users only need to pay once for lifetime use of the device. This license binds the IMEI and cannot be transferred to other devices.


Apart from managing/creating communication groups and monitoring conditions via pull video and location with GPS, POCSTARS can connect communications between frequencies and cellular via gateway box devices with SOLIDTRONIC.


SOLIDTRONIC functions as a translator so audio sent by analog radios can be received by radios based on cellular signals and vice versa. By using SOLIDTRONIC, information sent by analog radio can be received on the PoC.

How to connect it with SOLIDTRONIC?

Before installation, several things need to be prepared, namely:

  1. SOLIDTRONIC device with the POCSTARS application (1 Year Subscription) installed. One SOLIDTRONIC device can only connect to one analog radio channel. Please adjust how many channels you need.
  2. LAN cable to connect SOLIDTRONIC to the local internet network.
  3. Rig-type radio based on analog frequencies to function as a repeater (example: Motorola XiR 8260). We recommend a Rig type radio for more optimal power.
  4. Audio cable to connect SOLIDTRONIC to your Rig type Radio.

Note: Make sure there are pins in the audio slot/plug on the radio so that the audio cable can be adjusted.

Once all the components are ready, install them according to their respective ports. Please remember that each SOLIDTRONIC can only connect one channel/site. It needs to be adjusted according to your needs.


For more detailed information, please see How to Connect HT POC to HT Analog by ACS Group on YouTube.



A solution to connect Handy Talky (HT) Analog to the HT PTT-Over-Cellular (PoC) System will make coordination between users in your company easier. If you are interested in implementing this solution, you can contact us, ACS Group, an official partner of Hytera at +62 21 4208221Whatsapp +62 811-1944-534 Email ke

ACS GROUP (PT. AUTOJAYA IDETECH & PT. SOLUSI PERIPHERAL), a professional company founded in 1992, has provided suitable solutions for thousands of enterprises throughout Indonesia, both for AIDC solutions, IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Security Systems and Enterprise Business Solutions. Our company has four branches, namely in Cikarang, Semarang, Surabaya and Denpasar.

eG Innovations Comprehensive Information Technology Monitoring Solution in One Dashboard

Many organizations, regardless of size and industry, are increasingly dependent on IT from time to time. It provides many options for all users, from unified communications to complex application systems with container systems. Maintaining this is the responsibility of the IT division.

Smooth operations are also the responsibility of the organization’s IT division. In fulfilling this responsibility, the IT team must ensure that technology management is predictable, controllable, and continues to develop with minimal disruption or involvement of external experts.

eG Enterprise is a solution that unites monitoring and observation for all technology layers, such as applications, databases, and servers that run your services on the same dashboard in 1 control. With the help of embedded AIOps, eG Enterprise can help organizations monitor, pay attention to developments, and detect disruptions before they become problems. All information technology, like servers, applications, virtualization, storage, containers, network devices, and various other technologies, will be analyzed.



Assisted by our AIOps, all metrics collected from each technology will be compiled automatically and shown based on the priority of what must be completed first. With this, issues can be isolated more quickly, increasing efficiency.

What are the main points of eG Enterprise?
  • Get correlated information across your data center and view all metrics, resource usage, configuration changes, and hardware health.
  • Alert intelligence with a dynamic baseline and follow usage habits in the environment to reduce alerts and effectively pinpoint the source of problems.
  • With the same system, it can provide monitoring and reports on analysis and historical data for each IT infrastructure component.
  • Able to provide predictions regarding the future use of IT infrastructure components, so that they can support the IT team.



Apart from that, you can monitor the availability, issues, and performance of each type of network device that provides the SNMP protocol, including routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers, from the brands Cisco, F5, HPE, Dell, and so on. eG Enterprise supports Monitoring availability, Packet loss, Traffic, Network Delay, Latency, Bandwidth, Discards, and Errors.

End-to-end, eG Enterprise can display metrics, resource usage, configuration changes, and hardware health with intelligent alerts. These alerts, when combined with dynamic baselines, can track usage habits in the environment and pinpoint the source of problems promptly.


eG Enterprise comprehensive infrastructure are as follows:
  • Open cases drastically reduced
  • Significant reduction in major incidents.
  • Increased productivity with improved SLA
  • Financing efficiency by reducing open cases for partners.


ACS Group is committed to delivering the best portfolio of products, ranging from endpoint devices to IT infrastructure to the latest technology, such as servers, networks, cloud, and IoT. With a wide range of services throughout Indonesia, ACS Group is ready to support, and develop our customers’ businesses, and reduce networks and security complexity on one platform with integrated solutions. Are you ready to implement it in your business processes? For further information regarding eG Enterprise solution, you can contact +6221 4208221, Whatsapp +62 811-1944-534, Email, or you can visit our website at

ACS GROUP (PT. AUTOJAYA IDETECH & PT. SOLUSI PERIPHERAL) is a professional company founded in 1992 that has provided suitable solutions for thousands of enterprises throughout Indonesia, for AIDC solutions, IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Security Systems and Enterprise Business Solutions. Our company has four branches, namely in Cikarang, Semarang, Surabaya, and Denpasar.

AMTS solutions to simplify your Company Equipment or Assets Management

The importance of asset management increases as the number of assets in a company grows. For this reason, we need a solution that will improve operational efficiency and optimize their asset management. Asset Management and Tracking System or AMTS solution from ACS Group will make collecting data, tracking, and monitoring asset locations easier. AMTS is a web-based solution information system. It is accessible anywhere via a computer browser or mobile device so data-based decisions making is easier to do.

In AMTS, we provide a data collection method with Barcode/QR Code and RFID with a unique ID for each asset to facilitate identification for stock opname. Companies will have undivided control over their asset management.


We provide two options for AMTS Server:


AMTS Server will use your own company’s IT infrastructure. To do that, your company needs to procure server infrastructure. It will require additional costs for hardware, operating systems, databases, dedicated room, network & electricity management, and technicians to do server maintenance. To avoid these extra costs, we offer you SMTS ON-CLOUD solution.


With this Cloud configuration method, we provide a Private Cloud for your company, so server infrastructure procurement isn’t needed. Additional costs for server & network maintenance and electricity also can be avoided. The cloud also provides scalability for teams to manage assets from anywhere.


AMTS work system

The On-Premises and On-Cloud work systems are as follows:

    1. As long as there is an internet connection via Wi-Fi or others, data will automatically synchronize directly to web applications and mobile computers.
    2. Master data upload from the spreadsheet is done via the web application.
    3. To ensure data validity, each asset must have a space allocation so that the status is registered on the AMTS system.
    4. Barcode / QR code labels that function as asset identities will be printed and affixed to each asset. It also supports RFID.
    5. Each room is also equipped with a unique barcode/QR code to facilitate the stock-taking/asset search process.


AMTS (Asset Management and Tracking System) FEATURES


Each user has access to certain features and access rights as stipulated by the management (for example stock-taking, maintenance, or uploading master assets).


Asset accountability can be filtered based on holding company, branch, sub-branch, division, and department. It can also detect information levels for area, building, floor, and room information.


All asset data in AMTS must be registered by carrying out the registration process via mobile or automatic registration via the process of uploading the master asset data.


Each asset in AMTS can be determined by the “owner” department so the one responsible is clear.


Assets info can be equipped with document file attachments, including pdf or images that can be added or updated in asset taking.


Component Asset transactions will define secondary assets derivative and cannot be separated from the main assets.


Asset Duplication Template Transactions can speed up registering assets process with the same type and info. For example, 25 PC units with identical technical specifications with one transaction, and then can add other additional information.


With the movement transaction in the mobile application, you can track asset transfers as it moves to other locations and won’t lose information on their whereabouts.


Borrow-Return Transactions (Asset Borrowing) will remind the borrower and the loaner of the asset by sending a notification via email around the due date.


Various assets usually require periodic maintenance and renewal of critical documents. For example, operational cars need to replace their batteries, vehicle maintenance, air conditioning maintenance, vehicle registration renewal, and vehicle insurance renewal. With the Notification/Reminder feature, the specified user will receive a reminder email to maintain the timeliness of the service process that must be carried out for that asset.


Stock-taking and asset accountability identification at the location can be done with the AMTS application on a handheld or web version of AMTS with any browser. Reports can be exported to Excel or pdf according to your needs.

    •   INQUIRY

In the Inquiry menu, every user can select the data report/inquiry data they want to display based on sub-branch, location, asset class, person in charge, purchase date, etc.


If an asset is obsolete or its utilization period has expired and no longer needs to be tracked, it can be removed from the system with an Asset Disposal transaction.


The Asset Management and Tracking System (AMTS), a software developed by ACS Group, is designed to track valuable and productive office assets such as computers, furniture, medical equipment, tools, factory machinery, and vehicles. So asset data have detailed information on location, loan status, and maintenance schedule. If you are interested in implementing AMTS, you can contact us at +62 21 4208221, Whatsapp at +62 811-1944 -534, or Email

ACS GROUP (PT. AUTOJAYA IDETECH & PT. SOLUSI PERIFERAL) is a professional company founded in 1992. We provided effective solutions for thousands of enterprises throughout Indonesia for AIDC solutions, IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Security Systems, and Enterprise Business Solutions. Our company has four branches in Cikarang, Semarang, Surabaya, and Denpasar.

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) Organizational Network Secure Strategy

The SASE security concept is network security that combines virtual private network (VPN) technology with SD-WAN (Software-Defined Networking) applied to Wide Area Network connections in one solution. The goal is to simplify network security management and provide safe, fast, and reliable access for operations, regardless of the user’s location. Secure Access Service Edge is widely used for organizational operations that have many users or employees who work remotely (remote workers) or use cloud applications. Adopting SASE technology will create security and speed in overcoming the issues experienced, as well as being the key to business continuity in the era of mobile and cloud adoption.

The term SASE was first coined by Gartner in a report entitled “The Future of Network Security in Cloud” in August 2019. Gartner in the report stated that SASE market trends demanded by customers matters regarding simplicity, scalability, flexibility, low latency and strong security convergence from edge networks, WAN networks to the cloud.

  • Firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS)

Firewall solution with cloud-based services that can be scaled and provide new services to meet various needs. In essence, FWaaS is a location-independent perimeter firewall for secure access and provides next-generation firewall (NGFW) capabilities such as web filter, advanced threat protection (ATP), intrusion prevention system (IPS), and domain name system (DNS) security. .

  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

is a security model that requires verification of every access request on the network from all users, both inside and outside the organization. ZTNA uses technologies such as VPNs, firewalls and encryption to protect data and activity on the network. 3) Secure Web Gateways (SWG)

  • Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

is a security solution for access to the internet. SWG protects users from security threats such as malware, phishing and other types of threats. SWG monitors, controls and protects the internet access of the organization by blocking dangerous or harmful websites. 4) Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).

  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

is a security solution that helps organizations manage access to cloud services and prevent data breaches. CASB protects data stored in the cloud and ensures the security and compliance of cloud applications used by internal users. 5) Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

  • Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

is a technology that integrates and optimizes enterprise WAN network connections using software or software such as providing link redundancy and load balancing, implementing intelligent traffic routes based on performance metrics and business priorities. SD-WAN will provide better control, management and security for the network, as well as enable remote monitoring and management.

SASE includes technology packages with security into a global network structure so that it is always available no matter where users are, where applications or resources are accessed or what combination of transport technologies connect users and resources.

Implementing a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution will have several benefits, including:

  1. Better security: SASE solutions enable organizations and enterprises to secure all their devices, networks and applications by granting access only to authorized entities. This protects organizations and companies from cyberattacks and unauthorized attempts to infiltrate their network.

  2. Operational Efficiency: SASE solutions simplify IT infrastructure by integrating many security and network functions into one. This reduces the cost and complexity of an organization’s IT infrastructure.

  3. Faster network deployment: By using edge computing technology, SASE enables faster access to organizational applications and data.

  4. Better Scalability: SASE enables organizations to customize and expand their IT infrastructure more easily and efficiently.

  5. Improved productivity: By providing secure access to the applications and data needed by employees, SASE helps increase productivity and provide a better user experience.

ACS Group which presents a complete portfolio of products ranging from endpoint devices to IT infrastructure and the latest technologies such as mobile, cloud and IoT. With a wide range of services throughout Indonesia, ACS Group is ready to support and grow its customers’ businesses, as well as reduce complexity related to network and security in one platform with integrated solutions. Are you ready to implement it yourself in your business process? For more information about this SASE Security solution, you can contact +6221 4208221, Whatsapp +62 811-1944-534 Email to or you can visit our website at

ACS GROUP (PT. AUTOJAYA IDETECH & PT. SOLUSI PERIFERAL) as a professional company founded in 1992, has provided effective solutions for thousands of enterprises throughout Indonesia for AIDC solutions, IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Security Systems and Enterprise Business Solutions. Our company has 4 branches in Cikarang, Semarang, Surabaya and Denpasar.

Machine Vision Role in Industry to Increase Productivity

In the 4.0 Industry, it is very essential to convert a conventional, manual process into a digital form to increase productivity. Technology has entered Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Cloud era which are now starting to be widely applied in everyday life, especially on the industrial scale. Machine Vision is here to integrate various types of operational activities to carry out inspections and analyses automatically in the industry. This solution will incorporate the manual role of humans and robotic systems guided by vision systems.

Machine Vision itself was formed as a PaaS (Platform as a Service) which was implemented in the production section. The benefits of this solution are real-time monitoring, analysis, continuous and improvement tracking, accuracy, and stability.

In implementing Machine Vision there are several components such as smart sensors, smart cameras, algorithms, and software. Machine vision in the industry is suitable for Quality Control purposes. In addition, it is also well-suited for other operational activities.


Here are some examples of Machine Vision applications based on the Industry.

Machine Vision in Agricultural Industry

Machine Vision is able to monitor and detect plant diseases. Furthermore, it is also possible to detect locations and harvest without damaging the plants.

Machine Vision in Manufacturing Industry

Machine vision can be used to read barcodes, labels, stock, text, colors, and product textures quickly. In the manufacturing sector, when the operational machine is running, quality control is needed to ensure that products reach consumers according to their needs.

Machine Vision in Pharmaceutical and F&B Industry

In industries that require rigorous testing and inspection such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, it is very important to ensure that the ingredients, product serial numbers, and expiration dates fit the requirements. With machine vision solutions you can do this easily and quickly.

Machine Vision in Warehouse Industry

In asset management and security, AI can detect and track objects in video to ensure proper usage and storage. This AI-enabled technology also alerts management if assets are displaced within predetermined limits.

Machine Vision in Security and Safety

Machine vision can ensure workers use safety equipment properly and prevent accidents before they happen, especially on construction sites that have a lot of heavy equipment. If the situation is unsafe, this technology can also warn the operator or turn off the equipment automatically.

For clearer information, please see the video on ACS Group’s YouTube “The Role of Machine Vision in Industry to Increase Productivity”



Machine Vision innovation in the industry also integrates the manual role of humans, thereby increasing product quality and operational efficiency. This solution is suitable for the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, agricultural, plantation, and mining industries. Are you ready to implement Machine Vision in your business process? For more information about this solution, you can contact us, ACS Group at +62 21 4208221, Whatsapp +62 811-1944-534 or Email you can visit our website at

ACS GROUP (PT. AUTOJAYA IDETECH & PT. SOLUSI PERIFERAL) is a professional company founded in 1992 that has provided effective solutions for thousands of enterprises throughout Indonesia in AIDC solutions, IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Security Systems, and Enterprise Business Solutions field. Our company has opened 4 branches in Cikarang, Semarang, Surabaya, and Denpasar.

HYTERA Handy Talkie (HT) PoC Radio Solution for Unlimited Communication

These days, Field Coordination is usually carried out with the help of Handy Talkies (HT) as a means of communication between two or more people. Conventional HT generally uses narrowband frequencies which need to go through a lengthy frequency permit process, inefficient infrastructure investments, and limited types of information (voice only).

To overcome this, Hytera introduces a Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) solution that combines Push-to-talk (PTT) technology with a SIM Card as a link to Cellular & Wireless (4G) and Wi-Fi networks.

There are common questions that are usually asked when using a Cellular Signal: “Why does it have to be a Hytera HT and why not just use a Smartphone/HP?” Here is why:
  • Convenience: Hytera is equipped with a special PTT button on the device. You only need to press and hold the button to communicate.
  • Features: Rugged with IP and military standards to withstand extreme environments. It’s equipped with up to 5W loudspeakers, whereas Smartphones are only equipped with 0.5W-1W.
  • Durability: Hytera’s HT cellular battery lasts up to 18 hours that is better than a smartphone.
  • Security: Equipped with HyTalk app that boosts device’s security more than Smartphones
What are the main benefits of Hytera’s PoC?
  • (Cost Efficiency) By using a cellular network, the communication & coordination range becomes wider and there is no need to manage infrastructure & frequency permits like using conventional HT.
  • (Application) Hytalk creates a 1-to-1 communication flow. With PoC, it can provide reports in the form of images to live videos. It is also equipped with a GPS Tracking feature so device locations can be monitored.
  • (Flexibility) Android OS and Hytalk will provide flexibility when changing frequencies via cellular signals with many groups without the need to add frequency permissions.

There are various types of PoC offered by Hytera d to accommodate customer needs in various segments. PNC380 and PNC360S are the most common devices used by field workers. The design is concise and easy to use. MNC360 is a type of PoC cellular radio designed as a vehicle-mounted communication device. It is an innovatively designed mobile radio unit for reliable, loud, and clear voice communication for field operations.

Hytera Body-Worn Camera (BWC) VM580D accommodates the ever-increasing need for transparency. This product is perfect for use as a unit for high-definition (HD) video recording. The smart 4G BWC is ergonomically ultra-thin with Push-to-talk (PTT) communication features over public networks and PMR. BWC has been widely used by law enforcement agencies. This unit can produce more accurate and reliable data between officers and civilians.

Hytera offers various conveniences for more effective and efficient communication. Hytera solutions are perfect for supporting operations in banking, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, transportation, hospitals, airports, and property. For more information about this solution, you can contact us, ACS Group, as an official partner of Hytera at +62 21 4208221, Whatsapp +62 811-1944-534 or Email

ACS GROUP (PT. AUTOJAYA IDETECH & PT. SOLUSI PERIFERAL) is a professional company founded in 1992 that has provided effective solutions for thousands of enterprises throughout Indonesia in AIDC solutions, IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Security Systems, and Enterprise Business Solutions field. Our company has opened 4 branches in Cikarang, Semarang, Surabaya, and Denpasar.

Hytera Body-Worn Camera (BWC) VM580D
Hytera PNC360S
Hytera MNC360
Hytera PNC380

ACS Group in 2023 has received 3 awards at once from Zebra Technologies

ACS Group in 2023 has received 3 awards at once from Zebra Technologies, including “Top Revenue Contribution”, “Strategic Win (EVM) Partner” and “RFID Partner Of The Year”.

This award was given at the annual “Zebra ID Partner Summit 2023” which took place on 8-9 May 2023 at The Village Resort Bogor. This event was attended by partners, distributors and vendors working with Zebra Technologies. This award we received is the highest acknowledgment from the principal for the ACS Group as well as a whip for us to be even more innovative in presenting a variety of quality and effective services.

However, everything that ACS Group has received cannot be separated from good cooperation with loyal customers who have been well developed. Zebra Technologies “Top Revenue Contribution” and “RFID Partner Of The Year” awards received by Ms. Nuning Kustiawita, ACS Group Sales Manager and “Strategic Win (EVM) Partner” Award from Zebra Technologies received by Harry Sugiarto, Senior Account Executive ACS Group



Optimize Your Network Connections with Aruba Access Points and Switches

A fast and reliable connection is a crucial factor in many businesses, whether it’s big or small. It affects various critical business activities, such as communication, information exchange, and data processing.
You need the best network connecting hardware to ensure a smooth business process. Aruba can help you meet your connectivity, security, and financial requirements need by providing wired, wireless Local Area Networks (LAN), and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Aruba presents Aruba Instant On AP25 and Aruba AP635 Access Points. Designed to accommodate devices that require Wi-Fi 6, this access point meets the highest standards for security and interoperability.
Faster connections, greater capacity, and reduced latency between access points and devices for a superior Wi-Fi experience are the advantages you get from this access point. These devices also have wider channels for multi-gigabit traffic and have less interference.

The efficiency and security of your network connection will increase with this access point. These devices are also IoT-ready and easy to deploy. Aruba also offers the high-performance Aruba Instant On 1430 Switch Series and Aruba Switch CX6100 series. This quiet, energy-efficient switch can quickly connect access points, CCTV, and IoT devices.
In addition, this device is easy to use because it requires no initial configuration and demands no maintenance. Equipped with powerful security features, this Aruba Switch is ready to help you protect your network.

You can depend on these switches that include a limited lifetime warranty at an affordable price. With Aruba, your business activities will run smoothly and are guaranteed to be free from unexpected connection interruptions.

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