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Managed Service

Besides recommending suitable principal’s support contracts for your hardware, we are very open to discuss your specific needs further for scheduled devices maintenance by certified engineers, to regular personnel refreshment training in order to secure your operational activities.

Maximize Investment with Professional Services

We produced professional services such as maintenance contract, outsourcing until the training in order to secure your project. We also can provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on your requirement.

Implementation & Instalation

ACS Group does it more than what customer expected with giving them the best installation for RFID, wireless structure, CCTV, and more. We are responsible to the point where customer agree on our quality and quantity.

Time & Material Services

We provide operational maintenance services such as:

  • On-Call Visit
  • On-Call Repair


  • Comprehensive 5-Year Service-from-the-Start rugged Portable Data Terminal  and WLAN network infrastructure for logistic/port customer.

Regular Maintenance & Agreements

We supply maintenance services to end-users in the form of maintenance contracts (Maintenance Agreement) which is formal and comprehensive. Maintenance Agreement includes:

  • On-Site Maintenance Contract
    • Time & Material Services
    • Jasa on-call visit, repair, dsb.
  • Standard Next Business Day Response
    • Exclude Public Holidays
    • Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
  • Standard Quick Turnaround Contract
    • 3-5 days average
  • Custom Maintenance Contract
    • On-site maintenance 24 hour/7 day agreement to suit operational requirements including expedited repair services and hot swap programs
    • Remote trouble shooting via web
  • Consumable Supplies Replenishment Contract
    • Ribbons, labels, supplies and printer maintenance.


ACS Group has technical insights that customers often use to train users on a regular basis. This may include after-sales training that is available professionally at the customer’s operational location. Here are examples of specific technology-based training. Contact us if there is any special need.

24x7 Managed Services

ACS Group’s skills and commitment are available 24/7 if you create a Managed Service contract with us. The advantage of Managed Service is the establishment of relationships with strategic vendors so that your IT workforce can be transferred to other projects without any problems.

Example :
– Port logistics customer service providers purchase WAN cabling installation and remote WLAN / on-site troubleshooting services.