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Digital Workplace for Digital Era

As you move to the digital workplace, it is critical to get your IT infrastructure ready.

To meet the challenges, we offer an integrated wired and wireless portfolio with industry-leading advances in network management and security.

How many access points are active on the network? With Aruba Airwave, IT admins able to proactively monitor the health and performance of both wired and wireless networks of the company. The goal is to monitor clients’ behavior, proactively troubleshoot client application and network issue, plan for network capacity and expansion, and solve network issue before they happen.

Clearpass Policy Manager

Can your administrator read the device type that enters into every office network? ClearPass Policy Management makes it easy to access settings via a responsive dashboard. We can secure your wireless network eventhough mobile devices are proliferating in the workplace. Using the Aruba Networks ClearPass policy manager, you can manage enterprise information securely and efficiently no matter how much personal devices enter the vicinity. 

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