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Welcome to Industry 4.0!

The industrial internet of things (IoT) plays a major role in Industrial Revolution 4.0 and we are ready to partner with customers who are willing to push the boundaries of automation. Using our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and industrial sensors portfolio, our enterprise business solutions (EBS) team is ready to deliver IoT solutions tailored to your business. 

IoT solutions tailored to your business

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Mobile Device Management

Vanguard is Enterprise Mobility Management solution designed to manage Android, Apple iOS and Windows Desktop.
Vanguard set access restriction based on user profile, manage device asset and protect the operating system.
The first Unified Endpoint Management Platform with flexibility of customization and integration, answering to customer specific requirements. Enhanced with Extension, SDK and API to support unlimited business use cases.


  • Express enrollment via OTA Enrollment or Barcode Scan
  • Lockdown your Android Smartphone & Tablet into Kiosk Mode
  • Geofence
  • Hardware & Software inventory
  • Hide icon of disallowed applications
  • Push application installation over-the-air (silent install)
  • Remote Control (CUI & Terminal)
  • CPS always on
  • Set login wallpaper using your company logo over the air
  • Prevent users from changing System Setting
  • Prevent users from installing or uninstalling specific app
  • Task automation using scripting
  • Auto launch at startup
  • Remote lock, Remote ring, Remote wipe
  • Get device location
  • Location History
  • Custom device property

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