Increase Productivity with Software

While also partnering with reputable principals to deliver operation-appropriate software, we develop our own software based on practical observation of what our client needs from various industry.

Software Packages

Centralize all of your General Affairs assets in one database that simplifies regular asset audit activity (stock opname) and asset recording.

Monitor and track your food cooler and freezer temperatures 24/7!
Manual processes of monitoring and recording temperature can be time-consuming and do not provide continuous logs which can result in missed temperature fluctuations or temporary fault and failures in equipment, potentially going undetected.
Our wireless temperature monitoring system is very cost-effective. It is designed to monitor controlled environments where sensitive meat, frozen eatables, and other fresh foods are stored.
Know about small issues berfore they become big problems!

DATS software application integrates RFID technology, and barcodes to manage documents effectively and efficiently. DATS has a simple user-interface so it’s very easy to operate. In addition, it can produce various reports for library needs such as loan repayment reports and statistics on the number of visits, bookings and loan books.

Crafted for hospitality industry, LTS assist laundry companies to track all their linen that they rent to hotels / hospitals using RFID technology. LTS will also give usage cycle information so that each linen that needed to be renewed can be correctly pointed out.

We made Gate Access System Vehicle (GAS-V) software to ease the monitoring of in/out vehicle by integrating CCTV, Barcode system, RFID, and biometric sensors.
This solution is proven at one of the largest automobile & motorcycle company in the world, located in Jabodetabek region.

Stock Keeper (STCK) is a custom software for managing fast moving inventory assets. This package includes handheld terminal for scanning of goods. Please download the data sheet and contact us to schedule an appointment.

Stability Program Management (STAB-PRO) is a custom software for quality inspection of foods and medicines that are important to all of us. This software is integrated with temperature sensor, humidity and PH level. This information system is successfully used by one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia and can be used by anyone who makes food products and medicines. Please download the data-sheet for the full feature and contact us immediately.