ACS Care Managed Service Access Point Solutions

Company assets are an investment for that additional protection is needed for each device with ACS Care, in terms of operational and performance your device will be guaranteed to continue to run optimally with ACS Care. With this you can set operational costs and lock in maintenance costs from the first day of purchase. That way you can more easily estimate and plan your annual budget.

Operational processes and productivity will be maintained due to reduced device downtime. ACS Care also reduces unexpected costs due to repairing devices with specific problems. Devices served by ACS Care include Printers, Mobile Computers, Push-to-talk over Cellular, Access Points, MDM Services, Remote Support, Wireless LAN Site Survey Services, and Fortinet Cyber ​​Threat Assessment.

An access point is a device that connects wireless devices (such as laptop computers) to a wired computer network. internal company servers and the internet. This AP device will function as a tool to send and receive data originating from the wireless adapter. Currently, business operations will be heavily influenced by access points that function to connect various devices to support production activities.

What are the details of our Managed Services for access points?


  • Number of Valid Devices and Period

The ACS Care service applies to one device and in large quantities to protect all your devices. The ACS Care subscription period is valid for 3 (three) years once a subscription.

  • Type of Access Point Equipment Served by ACS Care

ACS Care serves various types of IT devices, one of which is the Aruba access point. Aruba is a pioneer in the major technology transformation from wired to wireless for enterprises. ACS Care protects and anticipates your access point from unexpected events. We service Aruba access points with AP 505, AP 505 H, AP 515, and AP 535 types. ACS Group is an official partner of Aruba with technicians certified as Wireless LAN Specialists. As certified technicians, we can perform standard repairs and purchase authorized parts to repair your device.

ACS Care Service Coverage for Access points


Hotline Support

We are always ready to serve your needs and always ready to solve your problems. ACS Care offers support through a hotline which is always available during business hours (8×5).

Pickup & Delivery

For your convenience, we provide device pickup and delivery services directly to your place. We are ready to reach your location as long as it is within a 40 km radius of our head office or branch office. However, if your location is outside that range, we offer a one-way delivery service. You can choose one of the services, pick up or drop off your device.

Backup Units

Accidents can happen anywhere, even more so in an unpredictable and difficult business environment. If your device is damaged so that it cannot perform its functions properly, we provide a ready-to-use backup device for you that allows you to get a replacement unit without waiting for repair of the damaged device. You will get a backup unit that is available to replace the damaged device function.

Repair Turnaround Time

Our technicians will finish repairing your device according to the agreed time. This timeliness will guarantee the certainty of your activities.

ACS Care Package

ACS Care provides service packages according to the services offered. The following types of packages can be selected to protect the device according to your needs.

  • Basic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

ACS Care protects and anticipates your access point from unexpected events. We serve Aruba access points with AP 505, AP 505 H, AP 515, and AP 535 types. By subscribing to ACS Care, you get hotline support, pickup and delivery services, backup units, and fast turnaround time repairs. There are several ACS care packages that you can choose according to your needs. Interested in ACS Care for your access point? Call us for more information at +62 811 1944 534.