AMTS solutions to simplify your Company Equipment or Assets Management

The importance of asset management increases as the number of assets in a company grows. For this reason, we need a solution that will improve operational efficiency and optimize their asset management. Asset Management and Tracking System or AMTS solution from ACS Group will make collecting data, tracking, and monitoring asset locations easier. AMTS is a web-based solution information system. It is accessible anywhere via a computer browser or mobile device so data-based decisions making is easier to do.

In AMTS, we provide a data collection method with Barcode/QR Code and RFID with a unique ID for each asset to facilitate identification for stock opname. Companies will have undivided control over their asset management.


We provide two options for AMTS Server:


AMTS Server will use your own company’s IT infrastructure. To do that, your company needs to procure server infrastructure. It will require additional costs for hardware, operating systems, databases, dedicated room, network & electricity management, and technicians to do server maintenance. To avoid these extra costs, we offer you SMTS ON-CLOUD solution.


With this Cloud configuration method, we provide a Private Cloud for your company, so server infrastructure procurement isn’t needed. Additional costs for server & network maintenance and electricity also can be avoided. The cloud also provides scalability for teams to manage assets from anywhere.


AMTS work system

The On-Premises and On-Cloud work systems are as follows:

    1. As long as there is an internet connection via Wi-Fi or others, data will automatically synchronize directly to web applications and mobile computers.
    2. Master data upload from the spreadsheet is done via the web application.
    3. To ensure data validity, each asset must have a space allocation so that the status is registered on the AMTS system.
    4. Barcode / QR code labels that function as asset identities will be printed and affixed to each asset. It also supports RFID.
    5. Each room is also equipped with a unique barcode/QR code to facilitate the stock-taking/asset search process.


AMTS (Asset Management and Tracking System) FEATURES


Each user has access to certain features and access rights as stipulated by the management (for example stock-taking, maintenance, or uploading master assets).


Asset accountability can be filtered based on holding company, branch, sub-branch, division, and department. It can also detect information levels for area, building, floor, and room information.


All asset data in AMTS must be registered by carrying out the registration process via mobile or automatic registration via the process of uploading the master asset data.


Each asset in AMTS can be determined by the “owner” department so the one responsible is clear.


Assets info can be equipped with document file attachments, including pdf or images that can be added or updated in asset taking.


Component Asset transactions will define secondary assets derivative and cannot be separated from the main assets.


Asset Duplication Template Transactions can speed up registering assets process with the same type and info. For example, 25 PC units with identical technical specifications with one transaction, and then can add other additional information.


With the movement transaction in the mobile application, you can track asset transfers as it moves to other locations and won’t lose information on their whereabouts.


Borrow-Return Transactions (Asset Borrowing) will remind the borrower and the loaner of the asset by sending a notification via email around the due date.


Various assets usually require periodic maintenance and renewal of critical documents. For example, operational cars need to replace their batteries, vehicle maintenance, air conditioning maintenance, vehicle registration renewal, and vehicle insurance renewal. With the Notification/Reminder feature, the specified user will receive a reminder email to maintain the timeliness of the service process that must be carried out for that asset.


Stock-taking and asset accountability identification at the location can be done with the AMTS application on a handheld or web version of AMTS with any browser. Reports can be exported to Excel or pdf according to your needs.

    •   INQUIRY

In the Inquiry menu, every user can select the data report/inquiry data they want to display based on sub-branch, location, asset class, person in charge, purchase date, etc.


If an asset is obsolete or its utilization period has expired and no longer needs to be tracked, it can be removed from the system with an Asset Disposal transaction.


The Asset Management and Tracking System (AMTS), a software developed by ACS Group, is designed to track valuable and productive office assets such as computers, furniture, medical equipment, tools, factory machinery, and vehicles. So asset data have detailed information on location, loan status, and maintenance schedule. If you are interested in implementing AMTS, you can contact us at +62 21 4208221, Whatsapp at +62 811-1944 -534, or Email

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New Features of AMTS Asset Management Solution

ACS Group introduces two new features from AMTS (Asset Management Tracking System) on #StageUp webinar: RFID Modules and Database (db) Staging. Adding from the current application that can add, edit, dispose, commence stock take, create a parent-child connection, etc; AMTS Enterprise Edition v.6.1 may be deployed On-Premise or On-Cloud
In db staging module, AMTS supplied APIs that can be used as the “middle ground” to upload File Master(s) of Location, Asset Class, Cost Center, Vendor, User, and Asset. This will save considerable time Asset Management / General Affairs division in fitting pre-formatted template from your ERP to AMTS-fit template.

After processes done by AMTS, APIs are also available to update the existing Master File in the backend server with transaction information such as Movement, Lend Extension, Opname, Disposal, and Transfer between branches. What we need to point out though is that because both of this activity involves backend system that we have no control of, sending data from existing ERP to db staging has to be done by the customer, as well of sending data from db staging to ERP.

The 2nd feature that is introduced is RFID modules. Previously we have discussed the differences of RFID and barcode implementation here:

RFID modules can be used for two transactions: Movement and Opname.

1. Movement Transaction

The most essential must-do in moving an asset utilizing RFID technology is that the tag has to be placed at a readable position, and it has to go through a “gate” with RFID Antenna (that is connected to a RFID Reader, then to the corporate network, and eventually to where the AMTS database is in the server). Then all we have to do is to pass the gate (display monitor can be added to ensure movement is recorded) and the asset would automatically recorded as moving to another zone/area

2. Opname Transaction

Using an additional hardware of RFID mobile, we can conduct fast stock taking. Instead of searching and scanning each asset one by one, with RFID we can just swipe the room while holding a trigger and any tagged asset will be read.
We would still recommend having barcode / QR Code label set up on top of the RFID tag as best practice, to avoid hindrance of process if a RFID tag is somehow not readable.
RFID tag that is not readable needed to be replaced, while a tag itself can be overwritten thus used again for other purposes/asset if currently is idle. More on RFID Technology:

5 Benefits of the AMTS Program in Management of Company Equipment or Assets

Developed by ACS Group, Asset Management, and Tracking System (AMTS) software is designed to help organizations easily find their valuable assets, such as computers, furniture, medical equipment, equipment, and vehicles. This system enables a speedy search when conducting asset stock take.

You can store a substantial number of assets and furthermore fill in specification details in which later can be filtered in its search function by location, category, borrow/return date, and maintenance schedule.

By tagging every asset that needs to be tracked with barcode labels, a front-end solution in the form of an Android-based handheld scanner enables us to conduct regular stock take and revise any data directly on the field, which would later be synchronized with the main database.

Through an On-Premise or On-Cloud information system, AMTS software will record the placement location of each asset in a particular room-area-site. Unique ID in each barcode label will help distinguishing assets when an observation is conducted.

Here are 5 benefits of AMTS in Asset Management:

  • Can list a substantial number of assets and update their related information

Assets’ details from various branches can be recorded in a centralized database. Asset descriptions can also be revised every time a stock take is carried out, either centrally or directly at the location.

  • Get Information when assets require maintenance

The maintenance service schedule can be inputted per asset or per asset group. Person In Charge will get email notification when a certain schedule is nearing the due date to avoid maintenance delay or lateness.

  • Proper asset organizing leads to correct asset accountability

By centralizing data with either On-Premise or On-Cloud options, the person in charge of each asset and its respective cost center can be clearly seen and assessed.

  • Asset information updates are simple using mobile android application

With the android mobile app, after registering an asset you can move its location, arrange to borrow & return it, and easily identify the asset on location when commencing stock take.

  • Get email notifications when borrowed assets are due

Assets that are borrowed are recorded in the system and will have a certain due date. If the borrowed asset has passed this date, the borrower and admin will get a notification.