Understanding Infinite Enterprise Cloud Computing with Extreme Network and Blue Power Technology

Cloud computing is a most sought-after technology that supports business activities. Cloud computing is an on-demand computer system resource, with data storage (cloud storage) and computing power feature, without direct active management by the user. The Cloud offers various services, such as data storage, servers, databases, networks, and software. Cloud computing is the primary choice for many companies because it has many advantages, such as cost savings, increased productivity, speed, efficiency, performance, and security in running business operations. Nowadays, Cloud computing is a crucial technology for IT professionals.

Together with Blue Power Technology and Extreme Network, ACS Group once again held a Virtual Event with the theme “Infinity and Beyond”. The Virtual Event, which took place on 17th March 2022, was held online via Zoom and broadcasted live on Youtube. This event focused on information about Extreme Company Overview, Extreme Product Knowledge, and  ExtremeCloud demonstrations/walkthroughs. With this event, ACS Group aims to informatively educate and introduce the Cloud solutions offered by Extreme Network to a nationwide audience, IT professionals and developers, and consumers and businesses.

Extreme Network itself has been number one in the Gartner Magic Quadrant four times in enterprise wiring and WLAN infrastructure. Extreme Network has also been recognized by Omdia, an independent analyst and consulting firm in global coverage of Telecommunications, Media, and Technology, as the fastest-growing Cloud network vendor. Focusing on three distinct pillars—simple, flexible, and secure—Extreme is the leading Cloud provider that many companies prefer. With end-to-end automation, Extreme offers simple network configurations that minimize human intervention. Smart management features equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and anomaly alarms are also available to make it easier for users to monitor the network so precaution steps can be prepared before problems occur. Not only Cloud-based solutions but Extreme Network also provides on-premise solutions.

You can re-watch the Virtual Event “Infinity and Beyond” with Blue Power Technology and Extreme Network on ACS Group Youtube or by clicking this link.