Security Convergence between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) in Industry

In this digital industrial development era, manufacturing companies can use various connected devices to monitor and remotely control or change devices (machines/tools) such as conveyor belts, valves, fans, pumps, and others.

However, this also increases the potential consequential threats or disruptions to the sustainability of the factory supply chain.

Every device connected to TCP/IP gives irresponsible parties the opportunity to intrude and jeopardize production activities and factory KPIs. Understanding and cooperation between IT and OT elements are needed to mitigate this threat.


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The main concern of this IT-OT convergence is visibility. Hundreds of PLC-DCS sensors should be able to be monitored not only via HMI/SCADA, but also can be securely monitored remotely. The database must be able to create Big Data for follow-up actions. For this reason, security solutions are needed to keep them running normally. These preventive solutions are required in order to identify & counteract these risks.


NGFW (New Generation Firewall)

The primary security measure for this convergence is a powerful Next Gen Firewall toolkit.

This device that also functions as a gateway will monitor network traffic, perform filtration, and allow only safe traffic.

NGFW will constantly update you when something interferes with network performance and the number of individuals accessing the network and give you a comprehensive assessment needed to select sufficient capacity devices.

No matter how sophisticated your security devices are in protecting lanes, internal threats also need to be anticipated. We can approach it from the end-user side that performs on-site maintenance by connecting the laptop to the HMI directly for configuration. In general, these machines still use the old Operating System which is known to be stable. This is a risky move if it is connected anywhere because there is no security update available for that version. This is where the Endpoint Detection & Response agent needs to be installed on the HMI.


EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response)

EDR functions as a protective barrier, where the maintenance staff can safely configure/maintain machines. For devices that are connected to the local wifi, the security measure on the access point device can be a barrier.



Sandboxing is required because the development of malware and viruses, like Zero-Day attacks, are increasingly frequent and common. For optimal prevention, Sandboxing technology can be used for early testing in a self-contained environment, as a filter for files, attachments, URLs, and programs from incoming/outgoing traffic.

In implementing these various security solutions, especially in the Operational Technology aspect, good integration is needed in terms of the specific environment per factory and the technology used so your investment can be optimal.

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Cybersecurity Solutions for Enterprises

The main reason for the increase in cyber attacks is due to financial factors. In general, cyber-attacks are through email and web applications which make companies the main target.
ACS Group partners with Fortinet to protect companies from cyberattacks based on email and web applications.
Fortinet is a company that focuses on cybersecurity and ranks first in the world to have a variety of security products in the knitted Fortinet Security Fabric.
On this occasion, we will briefly describe three Fortinet products, namely FortiMail, FortiWeb, and FortiAnalyzer. We recommend it as a cybersecurity solution for enterprises. Here’s the explanation:

  • FortiMail is a Secure Email Gateway product that is proven to be the best at their class, used by thousands of subscribers in the whole world to safely secure millions of mailboxes. FortiMail is tested and validated independently by security tester certificatory such as SE Labs, VB Labs, ICSA, NSS, etc.
  • FortiWeb is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution that will protect operational critical web applications of companies from intrusion and vulnerability. FortiWeb WAF is equipped with advanced features that will protect web applications and API from known threats while also anticipating zero-day threats. Using an advanced multi-layer approach, FortiWeb follows the standardization of the Top 10 Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). An integrated cyber-security architecture with analytic and automated capability can deliver and increase visibility and further automation effectively.
  • FortiAnalyzer as part of Fortinet Security Fabric brought ample solutions in analyzing and automating better detection and response to cyber-attack risk.

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