Machine Vision Role in Industry to Increase Productivity

In the 4.0 Industry, it is very essential to convert a conventional, manual process into a digital form to increase productivity. Technology has entered Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Cloud era which are now starting to be widely applied in everyday life, especially on the industrial scale. Machine Vision is here to integrate various types of operational activities to carry out inspections and analyses automatically in the industry. This solution will incorporate the manual role of humans and robotic systems guided by vision systems.

Machine Vision itself was formed as a PaaS (Platform as a Service) which was implemented in the production section. The benefits of this solution are real-time monitoring, analysis, continuous and improvement tracking, accuracy, and stability.

In implementing Machine Vision there are several components such as smart sensors, smart cameras, algorithms, and software. Machine vision in the industry is suitable for Quality Control purposes. In addition, it is also well-suited for other operational activities.


Here are some examples of Machine Vision applications based on the Industry.

Machine Vision in Agricultural Industry

Machine Vision is able to monitor and detect plant diseases. Furthermore, it is also possible to detect locations and harvest without damaging the plants.

Machine Vision in Manufacturing Industry

Machine vision can be used to read barcodes, labels, stock, text, colors, and product textures quickly. In the manufacturing sector, when the operational machine is running, quality control is needed to ensure that products reach consumers according to their needs.

Machine Vision in Pharmaceutical and F&B Industry

In industries that require rigorous testing and inspection such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, it is very important to ensure that the ingredients, product serial numbers, and expiration dates fit the requirements. With machine vision solutions you can do this easily and quickly.

Machine Vision in Warehouse Industry

In asset management and security, AI can detect and track objects in video to ensure proper usage and storage. This AI-enabled technology also alerts management if assets are displaced within predetermined limits.

Machine Vision in Security and Safety

Machine vision can ensure workers use safety equipment properly and prevent accidents before they happen, especially on construction sites that have a lot of heavy equipment. If the situation is unsafe, this technology can also warn the operator or turn off the equipment automatically.

For clearer information, please see the video on ACS Group’s YouTube “The Role of Machine Vision in Industry to Increase Productivity”



Machine Vision innovation in the industry also integrates the manual role of humans, thereby increasing product quality and operational efficiency. This solution is suitable for the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, agricultural, plantation, and mining industries. Are you ready to implement Machine Vision in your business process? For more information about this solution, you can contact us, ACS Group at +62 21 4208221, Whatsapp +62 811-1944-534 or Email you can visit our website at

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