Hytera Solusi PoC in HITA-ID 2022 event in Bandung

Hotel Information Technology Association (HITA) Indonesia held an event in September 2022, with the 7th Miracles, National Information Technology Association HITA-ID 2022 theme, offline at the Holiday Inn – Pasteur, Bandung. Attended by more than 150 participants, this event consisted of Hotel IT Practitioners throughout Indonesia from West Java, DKI Jakarta, Central Java, East Java, Riau, North Sumatra, East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, Bali, Lombok, and other areas in Indonesia. The event began with a welcoming speech by the Chairman of HITA-ID, Andy Aries. He said that through an annual conference, HITA-ID is a means of sharing incessantly moving technological insights and collaboration between HITA-ID members and partners. This event also opens an opportunity to share technical information that can be applied in each hotel to assist IT operations in their respective hotels.

Together with Dadan Dahroni, HITA-ID Advisor, Ririen Wiyanto, Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur General Manager, said they were proud to host this HITA-ID event to commemorate the 7th anniversary of HITA-ID. In their 7th year, they hope HITA-ID will be more solid, keep sharing knowledge, continue to grow, and be successful together.

ACS Group, together with Hytera and Harrisma Informatika Jaya, attended as one of the sponsors of this event. Wahyu Indra Permana, Hytera Indonesia Product Manager, also delivered a solution presentation. He introduced the Next Generation HT Hytera as a global leader in two-way radio communications, developing and manufacturing innovative solutions to meet various customer needs. Hytera has a reputation for high-quality, reliable, and feature-rich systems.

The ACS Group booth, with Harrisma and Hytera, was also brimming with eager participants. They were very interested in Hytera’s various features, especially the Hytera Dispatch that can monitor, record, and connect to every HT used by users in the field.

As a Solution Provider company, ACS Group, Indonesia’s Trusted Professional IT Solution, is ready to assist the digitalization development needs of HITA members’ businesses, especially in communications. Hytera is the right solution where all forms of communications are connected into one Dispatcher platform, with Android OS that makes it easy and pampers users with the quality of the largest cellular network in Indonesia. We are ready to provide the best solutions and support or after-sales for IT in Indonesia’s development, particularly the hospitality industry.