ACS Collaborates with Hytera P0C and Zebra at the IT Bali Profit Gathering

ACS Group together with Hytera & Zebra Technologies are back to greet hundreds of IT personnel who attended the 13th annual meeting of IT Professionals (ProfIT) with the theme “Hospitality 5.0 Grow Up Together” which was held at HARRIS Hotel and Residences Sunset Road, Kuta, Saturday (25/2/2023).
In his remarks, Chief Executive Office Professional IT Bali, Armika Jaya, said his hope in the future is how to make IT easier to accept and implement.
Chairman of Professional IT Bali, Eka Kunindra Jaya, added that this time there were 500 people registering from IT workers in various industrial sectors, including hotels, government, hospitals, schools, universities, and other professionals.

Zebra Technologies at this event introduced a new line of technology with the theme “Smart Hospitality” which can improve the customer/hotel guest experience for the check-in and check-out process. The technology that was born by Zebra to answer these needs, such as Laundry Tracking System – Powered by RFID; Food Safety Supply Chain; Inventory Management; Mobile POS, and Communication Tool Powered by Workforce Connect.
Meanwhile, Hytera introduced a new line of technology, namely Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC) to address the inability of conventional HT (Handy Talkie), namely, the sound produced is less clear, so the need for data-intensive multimedia services is higher, such as images and videos.

Through the booth opened by Hytera, there were several demo unit items, such as Hytera PoC PNC380 & PNC360S; Hytera PoC MNC360; and the Hytera Body-Worn Camera (BWC) VM580D. Hytera PoC is equipped with clear audio, video, navigation buttons, military IP standards, to GPS Tracker.
Hytera and Zebra Technologies hope that the technological advances developed can provide solutions to every problem in various industrial sectors, especially hospitality.

ACS Care Managed Service Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) Solution

Company assets are an investment for that additional protection is needed for each device with ACS Care, in terms of operational and performance your device will be guaranteed to continue to run optimally with ACS Care. With this you can set operational costs and lock in maintenance costs from the first day of purchase. That way you can more easily estimate and plan your annual budget.

Operational processes and productivity will be maintained due to reduced device downtime. ACS Care also reduces unexpected costs due to repairing devices with specific problems. Devices served by ACS Care include Printers, Mobile Computers, Push-to-talk over Cellular, Access Points, MDM Services, Remote Support, Wireless LAN Site Survey Services, and Fortinet Cyber ​​Threat Assessment.

The POC (Push to Talk over Cellular) solution is a digital-based technology that combines PTT (push to talk) with an internet network Sim. This radio device is equipped with a GSM sim card slot and wi-fi. The PoC features a unique push-to-talk “walkie-talkie” and live voice dialing which is especially useful for field communications.

What are the details of our Managed Services for PoC?

  • Number of Valid Devices and Period

ACS Care service applies to your one device. You can buy ACS Care in bulk to protect all your devices and can enjoy the service for three (3) years once a subscription.

  • Types of PoC Devices Served by ACS Care

ACS Care serves various types of IT devices, one of which is the Hytera PoC. Hytera is the world’s fastest growing radio communications company. Hytera is an industry leader in research and development, advanced manufacturing, and bringing a new generation of radio technology to market. The Hytera PoC types that we can serve are PNC 380 and MNC 360. ACS Group is an official partner of Hytera with certified technicians. As certified technicians, we can perform standard repairs and purchase authorized parts to repair your device.

ACS Care Scope of Services for PoC


Hotline Support

We are always ready to serve your needs and always ready to solve your problems. ACS Care offers support through a hotline which is always available during business hours (8×5).

Component Parts

If your device is damaged, we are happy to repair or replace your device. Your repair will be carried out by a certified technician with official spare parts so that it is guaranteed to function as before and will not hinder your business activities.

Pickup & Delivery

For your convenience, we provide device pickup and delivery services directly to your location. We are ready to reach your location as long as it is within a 40 km radius of our head office or branch office. However, if your location is outside that range, we offer a one-way delivery service. You can choose one of the services, pick up or drop off your device.

Backup Units

Accidents can happen anywhere, even more so in an unpredictable and difficult business environment. If your device is damaged so that it cannot perform its functions properly, we provide you with a ready-to-use backup device. You will get available backup units to replace damaged device functions.

Preventive Maintenance

The smooth running of your business activities is our priority, that’s why we provide preventive maintenance services for your devices. Our technicians are ready to come to the location you want, as long as it is within a 40 km radius from our head office or branch office. We may visit two (2) times a year, to ensure your device functions properly.

Repair Turnaround Time

Our technicians will finish repairing your device according to the agreed time. This timeliness will guarantee the certainty of your activities.

ACS Care Package

ACS Care provides service packages according to the services offered. The following types of packages can be selected to protect the device according to your needs.

  • Basic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

ACS Care protects and anticipates your PoC from unexpected events. We serve Hytera PoCs with the PNC 380 and MNC 360 types. By subscribing to ACS Care, you get hotline support services, component replacement, pickup and delivery, backup units, preventive maintenance, and fast turnaround time repairs. There are several ACS care packages that you can choose according to your needs. Interested in ACS Care for your PoC? Call us for more information at +62 811 1944 534.

Unlimited Communication with Hytera Radio Solution (PoC)

These days, Field Coordination needs to be fulfilled by the Handy Talkie (HT) as a means of communication between two or more people.

However, conventional HT generally uses narrowband frequencies that require complicated frequency permits. In general, it also has inefficient infrastructure investments and limited information types. To overcome that, Hytera offers a Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) solution that combines Push-to-talk (PTT) technology using a SIM Card to connect with Cellular & Wireless (4G) and Wi-Fi networks.

The cellular broadband network is currently proven efficient and has nationwide coverage. Therefore, it can provide structured coordination that makes processing data for employees easier. With this, information can be obtained more quickly, precisely, and accurately compared to conventional HT which requires additional investment in wireless infrastructure.

Why do you need Hytera and not a smartphone, even though both are using a cellular signal?

Convenience: Hytera is equipped with a special PTT button on the device. Press and hold the button to communicate.

Features: Rugged design with IP & Military standards and loud speaker (up to 5W, compared to 0.5W-1W Smartphone) that is suitable for extreme field conditions

Endurance: Hytera’s HT cellular battery (up to 18 hours) last much longer than a smartphone

Security: The HyteraTalk application guarantees better security for your device compared to a regular smartphone

What are the main strengths of Hytera’s PoC?

(Cost Efficiency) by using a Cellular network, the range of communication & coordination is more vast and there is no need to manage the infrastructure & frequency permits like using conventional HT.

(Application) Hytalk creates a 1-to-1 communication flow, provides reports in the form of images to live videos with PoC, and monitors device location changes with GPS Tracking facilities.

(Flexibility) the Android OS will provide flexibility when changing frequencies through cellular signals with many groups without requesting a frequency permit.

Hytera’s various features are designed to boost effective and efficient communication. Hytera’s solutions are perfect for supporting banking, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, transportation, hospitals, airports, and property industries. For more information about this solution, you can contact ACS Group, an official partner of Hytera.

ACS Group brings Hytera POC to ACE Lombok

On December 10, 2022, the Association of Chief Engineers-Lombok (ACE Lombok) was held again at the Golden Palace Hotel. The event attended by ACE Lombok, Bali members, and other areas carried the theme “Menuju Engineer Lombok Yang Kompeten”.
At this event remarks were delivered by the Chairperson of FKLPIDI (Communication Forum for Regional Job Training Institutes and Industry) NTB, I Ketut Sarta, and as keynote speaker by Made Sumantra – Deputy GM Development (PT. Jakarta Setiabudi International, Tbk).
Just like the ACE event in Bali in November 2022, ACS Group together with Hytera POC Solution participated by opening a booth where the engineers present at the booth received explanations about Hytera POC technology.
Hytera POC has released various Private Mobile Radio (PMR) products, Handheld Radios, Mobile Radio Devices, Repeaters & Modular Radio Systems, Handsets, and different high-quality communication systems.

ACS Group introduced the Hytera PoC Solution at the ACE Bali 2022 event

The Chief Engineers Association-Bali (ACE Bali) held The Celebration of Unity and Togetherness on 25-26 November 2022 at South Beach, Discovery Shopping Mall, Jl. Kartika Plaza Kuta – Bali. The event began with a warm welcome from ACE Chairman I Gede Swastika S.T and was attended by approximately 750 members of ACE Bali and other regions. This event was held to provide various benefits for all Engineering employees and to play a role in advancing the world of Tourism as well as creating an atmosphere of family and comfort for engineers on duty, including bringing optimal performance and success to all tourism businesses.

ACS Group, together with Hytera Solution, participated in this event by opening a booth. The explanation delivered by ACS & Hytera received a good response from the ACE participants at the booth.

The ACE organization was established to increase communication and cooperation among fellow Professional Engineers to increase the ability and insight of each member in line with the demands of a growing profession and to be able to make a meaningful contribution to the environment and society.

Hytera POC (Push to talk Over Cellular) Solution

Hytera is a global leader in two-way radio communications, developing and manufacturing innovative solutions to address a wide variety of communication situations. Hytera provides high-quality, reliable, and feature-rich systems. You can find Hytera everywhere, from Shenzhen metro, Tanjung Priok Port, Balikpapan airport, rail links, conference centers, to various construction sites.

POC (Push-to-talk Over Cellular)

Push-to-talk (PTT) communication has proven to be efficient and reliable in the business world for decades. With the rapid development of cellular broadband networks, the demands of PTT users for data-intensive multimedia services, such as images and videos, cannot be met by the old narrowband radio systems. Utilizing an established broadband network, Hytera’s Push-ToTalk Over Cellular (PoC) solution provides PTT voice and large volumes of data with nationwide coverage without additional investment in wireless infrastructure.

Hytera HyTalk Solution

The Hytera HyTalk solution consists of the Hytera HyTalk service platform, user equipment (PoC radio, smartphone, etc.), Service Operation Platform (SOP), Delivery Platform (SmartOne Dispatch), Mobile Device Management Platform (Smart MDM), Multimedia Recording and Playback System (MRPS). The Hytera HyTalk solution can be used on public 3G, 4G, WLAN networks, as well as private LTE networks.

For more detailed product information contact us, ACS Group, an official partner of Hytera.

Hytera Solusi PoC in HITA-ID 2022 event in Bandung

Hotel Information Technology Association (HITA) Indonesia held an event in September 2022, with the 7th Miracles, National Information Technology Association HITA-ID 2022 theme, offline at the Holiday Inn – Pasteur, Bandung. Attended by more than 150 participants, this event consisted of Hotel IT Practitioners throughout Indonesia from West Java, DKI Jakarta, Central Java, East Java, Riau, North Sumatra, East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, Bali, Lombok, and other areas in Indonesia. The event began with a welcoming speech by the Chairman of HITA-ID, Andy Aries. He said that through an annual conference, HITA-ID is a means of sharing incessantly moving technological insights and collaboration between HITA-ID members and partners. This event also opens an opportunity to share technical information that can be applied in each hotel to assist IT operations in their respective hotels.

Together with Dadan Dahroni, HITA-ID Advisor, Ririen Wiyanto, Holiday Inn Bandung Pasteur General Manager, said they were proud to host this HITA-ID event to commemorate the 7th anniversary of HITA-ID. In their 7th year, they hope HITA-ID will be more solid, keep sharing knowledge, continue to grow, and be successful together.

ACS Group, together with Hytera and Harrisma Informatika Jaya, attended as one of the sponsors of this event. Wahyu Indra Permana, Hytera Indonesia Product Manager, also delivered a solution presentation. He introduced the Next Generation HT Hytera as a global leader in two-way radio communications, developing and manufacturing innovative solutions to meet various customer needs. Hytera has a reputation for high-quality, reliable, and feature-rich systems.

The ACS Group booth, with Harrisma and Hytera, was also brimming with eager participants. They were very interested in Hytera’s various features, especially the Hytera Dispatch that can monitor, record, and connect to every HT used by users in the field.

As a Solution Provider company, ACS Group, Indonesia’s Trusted Professional IT Solution, is ready to assist the digitalization development needs of HITA members’ businesses, especially in communications. Hytera is the right solution where all forms of communications are connected into one Dispatcher platform, with Android OS that makes it easy and pampers users with the quality of the largest cellular network in Indonesia. We are ready to provide the best solutions and support or after-sales for IT in Indonesia’s development, particularly the hospitality industry.