Power Your Business with a Private Cloud Solution

The presence of the Cloud has a positive impact on companies, especially in terms of the scope and value of the benefits. Currently, many companies are completely dependent on this information technology in meeting and achieving business goals. These companies implement the advantages of Cloud technology in terms of availability, scalability, resources, network security, virtual storage for business operations.

Private Cloud is a “dedicated” or “internal” Cloud computing. Private Cloud solely serves all the needs of one company only. Private Cloud network data and resources are stored in a dedicated environment unaffected by other parties. Companies typically choose Private Clouds because of their network security, compliance, and scalability options. With a high volume of sensitive information, such as customer information, confidential internal documents containing, intellectual property, and business plans, natrually, companies need extra information system network defense and security.

Private Cloud is has been applied in many government, health, education, telecommunications organizations, and others. Private Cloud has many advantages that other Cloud computing alternatives don’t offer. Here are some of the benefits of Private Cloud technology:

1. Complete control

The main advantage of the Private Cloud is its complete control, complete independence, and does not depend on other parties’ aspects. Thus, the Private Cloud can be easier to access when needed. The management and change of the platform can also be done efficiently if needed. Things like downtime and bottle-necks in service delivery can be predicted and calculated. The use of resources per the company’s needs can be managed better. Compared to the Public Cloud, Public Cloud is more flexible in resources management.

2. Stability

Cloud offers flexibility to utilize various types of media in building a storage platform. With network security that is always ready with a comprehensive backup recovery and backup solution, Private Cloud is more stable. In the Private Cloud, everything is fully controlled by the scalable management of the company.

3. Customization & tailoring ability

Companies can configure a Private Cloud so it suits their business needs best. Private Clouds are also easy to adjust to fit the company’s development in terms of size, industry, overhead, goals, and other factors. The company can set the best requirements based on availability, security, and scalability needs.

4. Compliance

With complete control capabilities, the company has greater control over the infrastructure and the platform which complies with appropriate industry rules and regulations based on business objectives. Unlike the Private Cloud, data control in the Public Cloud will be more difficult and can be subject to external inspection or interception by outside parties.

5. Availability

Cloud Computing can scale resources as needed. The continuity of business operations is highly dependent on availability. In the Private Cloud, if there are resources that do not work, for example, there is a server device that is down, then the data will automatically be replicated to other resource locations. Therefore, the data will always be available at any time. When business operations are in peak periods, bandwidth and network resources can also be increased to support business needs.

6. The Obtained Value

When compared to a Public Cloud, the cost of implementing a Private Cloud will be noticeably more expensive. But the actual price of infrastructure will depend on many factors. While Public Clouds are a cost-effective option that can accommodate highly diverse or unpredictable enterprise needs, infrastructure costs for predictable Private Clouds workloads are much more cost-effective. Private Cloud investment as enterprise infrastructure will be valuable considering its unmatched integrity and network security value.

To meet growing business needs and rapid digital transformation, companies need a simple, secure, and scalable Private Cloud infrastructure for their VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), business applications, databases, analytics, Cloud Native needs, and so on.

Nutanix’s Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions that is built on hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) software will bridge the infrastructure imbalance over the years. This solution is equipped with native protection, consolidated data services, and can operate automatically and intelligently, which is an ideal foundation for Private Cloud in the company.

Nutanix offers an infrastructure that is easy to operate and scale. This infrastructure is also combined with consolidated data services, intelligent operation, automation, self-service, and is equipped with data protection. Network security and its.

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