RTLS solution based on RFID in Warehouse & Manufacturing Area

What you cannot see will be detrimental to your business – maybe that’s an expression if you don’t know where your important assets are, you will not be able to achieve maximum operational efficiency and workforce productivity. We have a passive-RFID based RTLS (Real-Time Location System) solution that offers specialized technology to provide visibility to the exact location of all your tagged assets.

With this RTLS solution, you can see where inventory, forklifts, equipment, workers and other tagged assets are located – and not just location, which direction they are moving can also be known. Now, you can identify, search and track assets in real time – as well as receive real time alerts regarding compliance preventing losses.

The result? Simplified operations, minimal costs, and better customer service.

Some of the advantages that exist in this passive-RFID based RTLS solution:

a. Latest state of the art RFID technology
It is a parallel multi-transmit and receive architecture, combining digital beamforming and wide-angle array antennas to provide superior accuracy and location coverage. (Ref: Zebra ATR7000)

b. Beam-Steering for location pinpoints
Electronically directs and processes hundreds of narrow flashlight-style beams simultaneously, providing highly accurate asset location.

c. Superior asset location visibility
With the software ready to use, it includes two main components: RTLS software which allows remote configuration, monitoring and management of devices as well as the Location Analytics engine itself. (Ref: Zebra CLAS)

d. 2x wider coverage zone
The wide angle antenna, which covers 2x the width of similar competitors’ RFID readers, effectively cuts the number of devices and costs required by half, and has a positive impact on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

e. Maintenance of tags at no cost
Passive-RFID tags are very cost effective and require no battery or battery management and maintenance. Unlike Active-RFID tags, there is no cost or time lost for monitoring health or replacing batteries, ensuring seamless tag visibility. (Ref: Zebra ZBR4000)


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