Vanguard Mobility Management Solution or Enterprise Mobile Management

ACS Group and Vostra Indonesia Presents Vanguard, a Mobility Management Solution or Enterprise Mobile Management for Companies designed to manage Android and iOS Mobile. Vanguard is an application that can set access restrictions based on user profiles, manage device assets, and protect the operating system from threats.

With the existence of restrictions on access, of course, security is in order to protect company assets or data stored on the device, because access is restricted to the user’s profile so it can reduce data access violations that do not match the user’s profile.

Software / Applications embedded in the user’s device can be controlled in one direction via the dashboard. The first Unified Endpoint Management Platform with the flexibility of customization and integration to answer specific user needs. Enhanced with Extensions, SDKs and APIs to support seamless business use cases.

This solution is right for helping the enterprise industry to continue to increase its productivity and ensure the security of company devices and data anytime, even if they have to work from home and remotely.