ACS Collaborates with Hytera P0C and Zebra at the IT Bali Profit Gathering

ACS Group together with Hytera & Zebra Technologies are back to greet hundreds of IT personnel who attended the 13th annual meeting of IT Professionals (ProfIT) with the theme “Hospitality 5.0 Grow Up Together” which was held at HARRIS Hotel and Residences Sunset Road, Kuta, Saturday (25/2/2023).
In his remarks, Chief Executive Office Professional IT Bali, Armika Jaya, said his hope in the future is how to make IT easier to accept and implement.
Chairman of Professional IT Bali, Eka Kunindra Jaya, added that this time there were 500 people registering from IT workers in various industrial sectors, including hotels, government, hospitals, schools, universities, and other professionals.

Zebra Technologies at this event introduced a new line of technology with the theme “Smart Hospitality” which can improve the customer/hotel guest experience for the check-in and check-out process. The technology that was born by Zebra to answer these needs, such as Laundry Tracking System – Powered by RFID; Food Safety Supply Chain; Inventory Management; Mobile POS, and Communication Tool Powered by Workforce Connect.
Meanwhile, Hytera introduced a new line of technology, namely Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC) to address the inability of conventional HT (Handy Talkie), namely, the sound produced is less clear, so the need for data-intensive multimedia services is higher, such as images and videos.

Through the booth opened by Hytera, there were several demo unit items, such as Hytera PoC PNC380 & PNC360S; Hytera PoC MNC360; and the Hytera Body-Worn Camera (BWC) VM580D. Hytera PoC is equipped with clear audio, video, navigation buttons, military IP standards, to GPS Tracker.
Hytera and Zebra Technologies hope that the technological advances developed can provide solutions to every problem in various industrial sectors, especially hospitality.