Implementation Of RFID Technology Solutions & Its Benefits For Industrial Business

In the development of digitalization technology, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is a familiar name in the industrial world. However, contrary to popular belief, RFID technology’s function is not to replace Barcode technology. In several business processes, RFID Labels/Tags will be much more economical and faster than barcode technology, notably if used for returnable assets. Perfect for track & trace (close loop process) because these RFID tags can be reused, have short tag reading time, and can be read all at once, contrary to the barcode scanning process which is generally done one by one.

RFID is part of the ‘Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology. Functionally, the RFID component is divided into two parts:

  • RFID Tag (to be read), composed of chips (electronic circuit) and an integrated antenna called INLAY. Generally, RFID tags have three memories to store unique ID (TID), EPC data, and user data.
  • RFID Reader is a tool used to read RFID tags. There are two types of readers: First, mobile Readers that are used by humans. Second, Fixed Readers are generally placed at gates, conveyors, zone transfer points, or auto-reading areas (without human interaction).

ACS Group, in collaboration with Zebra Technologies, has successfully implemented RFID in several Automotive Industries, Electronic Industries, and Manufacturing Industries for Returnable assets and Track & Trace Asset Applications. Both are very effective and efficient applications implemented using RFID technology.

Supply chain activities (process activities of the flow of goods from manufacturing to the hands of customers) consist of distribution, transportation, and transfer of goods status. To support these activities, Zebra Technologies provides solutions for RFID technology, Mobile Readers (Zebra MC333x/MC339x, RFD40, RFD90), Fixed Reader (Zebra FX7500, FX9600), and Printer (ZD621R, ZT411, ZT620).

Zebra MC333X/MC339X is a mobile RFID reader that is easy to carry because it is the lightest of its kind and made for easy one-handed use, both for right-handed and left-handed workers. It has a 35% larger battery capacity to accommodate field operations in 1 shift.

Zebra FX7500/FX9600 is a fixed RFID reader that can be fixed to the reading points. This reading point can usually be on the conveyor, gate, intermediate area, and others. This Fixed Reader will read every RFID tag that passes through it and send this information quickly and accurately to the server/data processing for recording transactions.

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ACS GROUP (PT. AUTOJAYA IDETECH & PT. SOLUSI PERIFERAL), a professional company since 1992, has provided suitable solutions for thousands of Enterprises throughout Indonesia both for AIDC solutions, IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Security Systems, and Enterprise Business Solutions. Our company has four branches, namely in Cikarang, Semarang, Surabaya, and Denpasar.

Cost-Effective AUTO-ID Mobile Computer Technology For Industrial Business

The rapid movement in various industrial areas has forced companies to digitalize, which increases productivity and competitiveness. By implementing appropriate technology, companies can increase their operational cost efficiency and productivity significantly.

Technology that can support the above statement is ‘Automatic Identification and Data Capture’ (AIDC) technology or abbreviated as Auto-ID. One of these technologies is the Mobile Computer/Handheld Computer/Portable Computer, which is a wireless communication product solution that can help workers, both indoors and outdoors, to exchange business information in real-time, whenever and wherever needed.

If you are considering implementing this technology, Zebra Technologies provides the Zebra MC2200 to accommodate your needs. Zebra MC2200 has superior business features and can guarantee smooth connectivity to WiFi, making it highly reliable in the industrial world. This technology will help your workers capture and access the data they need so they can act faster and more efficiently. The rugged and firm design makes the Zebra MC2200 reliable in extreme situations. This product is equipped with a touch screen and keypad to provide greater flexibility. In addition, this product is also equipped with the Android 11 platform which can be upgraded to Android 14. With an IP65 rating, this mobile computer is dust-resistant, water-resistant, and impact-resistant, making it very suitable for workers in the field.

To support the performance of the MC2200, Zebra Technologies also provides the Zebra ZT411 industrial label printer with direct thermal printing technology (without ribbon) and thermal transfer (using ribbon). This printer is capable of printing 14″ (356 mm/second) labels with 512MB FLASH ROM memory (64MB user Available) and 64MB RAM (8MB user available). This printer is also equipped with a 4.3-inch color touch screen, making it easy to use for printing.

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ACS GROUP has been a Connect Partner – Zebra Printer Repair Specialist since 2008. Our engineers are trained and certified by the repairing standard set by Zebra Technologies, Zebra Certified Printer Repair Professional, in repairing printers ranging from Mobile Printers, Desktop Printers, and Industrial. Naturally, it will be very helpful and convenient for the company’s operations continuity.

ACS GROUP (PT. AUTOJAYA IDETECH & PT. SOLUSI PERIFERAL), a professional company founded in 1991, has provided precise solutions for thousands of Enterprises throughout Indonesia for Auto-ID solutions, Wireless Networking, Security, and Professional Services. Our company has four branches, namely in Cikarang, Semarang, Surabaya and Denpasar-Bali.

Zebra Healthcare provides Visibility & Efficiency for health services.

Zebra presents a technology solution for the Healthcare industry that will connect medical personnel with patient data, it will be easier for medical personnel to record patient medical records both for consultation and for treatment management, of course for systematic and precise results for administering patient services in obtaining health services.

With the development of technology in the health sector, it will certainly make it easier for patients to access information and health services according to their needs, so doctors and medical personnel will certainly find it easier to meet patient needs.

For this reason, the role of technology is very important to connect the health industry to the needs of patients and Zebra is a brand that specializes in data management with the right technology in the Healthcare industry such as wristbands, label printers, barcode scanners, and mobile computers that can provide visibility and create efficiencies throughout the healthcare industry. That’s why ACS Group is here to bring the latest technology in health care to your facility.

RTLS solution based on RFID in Warehouse & Manufacturing Area

What you cannot see will be detrimental to your business – maybe that’s an expression if you don’t know where your important assets are, you will not be able to achieve maximum operational efficiency and workforce productivity. We have a passive-RFID based RTLS (Real-Time Location System) solution that offers specialized technology to provide visibility to the exact location of all your tagged assets.

With this RTLS solution, you can see where inventory, forklifts, equipment, workers and other tagged assets are located – and not just location, which direction they are moving can also be known. Now, you can identify, search and track assets in real time – as well as receive real time alerts regarding compliance preventing losses.

The result? Simplified operations, minimal costs, and better customer service.

Some of the advantages that exist in this passive-RFID based RTLS solution:

a. Latest state of the art RFID technology
It is a parallel multi-transmit and receive architecture, combining digital beamforming and wide-angle array antennas to provide superior accuracy and location coverage. (Ref: Zebra ATR7000)

b. Beam-Steering for location pinpoints
Electronically directs and processes hundreds of narrow flashlight-style beams simultaneously, providing highly accurate asset location.

c. Superior asset location visibility
With the software ready to use, it includes two main components: RTLS software which allows remote configuration, monitoring and management of devices as well as the Location Analytics engine itself. (Ref: Zebra CLAS)

d. 2x wider coverage zone
The wide angle antenna, which covers 2x the width of similar competitors’ RFID readers, effectively cuts the number of devices and costs required by half, and has a positive impact on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

e. Maintenance of tags at no cost
Passive-RFID tags are very cost effective and require no battery or battery management and maintenance. Unlike Active-RFID tags, there is no cost or time lost for monitoring health or replacing batteries, ensuring seamless tag visibility. (Ref: Zebra ZBR4000)


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